Siam Photo Contest Overview

Siam Photo Contest Overview

siam photo contest

Welcome to the 2017 Siam Photo Contest.  We would like to thank our partners and sponsors.


siam photo contest


We are on the lookout for the planet’s next great travel photographer.  Think it’s you?  Submit your best shot!  It does not matter, where you are located, this contest is open to everyone.  And you can enter as many times as you want.  Share with us that beautiful smile in Bangkok.

A procession of monks in Chiang Mai.

A breathtaking sunset at Borobudur.

Remember, you can enter as many photos as you wish!

siam photo contest


A stunning castle in Lichtenstein.

A majestic lion in the Massai Mara.

The sun dipping down over a colonial town in Cuba.  Or any other travel photos that you want to share with us.

The Event

There will be a gallery showing at the Rembrandt Hotel on Soi 20 in Sukhumvit on Sunday evening, February 11, 2018 where everyone is invited.  At this event, the winners of the Siam Photo Contest will be announced.

The contest will be divided into two different categories

Photo Contest Category 1: Travel photos taken in Thailand

Photo Contest Category 2: Global travel photos taken anywhere else in the world

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Thanks to our great sponsors, we will be awarding prizes for the best photos.  We will award prizes in both categories, Thai Photos and World Photos.

Thai Photos –

1st prize –

2nd prize –

  • Saturday brunch at Mexicano for two people
  • 1,000 Baht provided by Expique

3rd prize –

Global Photos –

1st prize –

2nd prize –

3rd prize –

  • 1,000 Baht provided by Anoogo

Calendar of Events

April 11 – Siam Photo Contest announced, photo submission begins

December 1 – January 20 – Voting for your favorite photo at GlobalGaz

January 20 – Photo submission ends

February 11, 2018 – All photos will be displayed at the Rembrandt Hotel.  Winners announced at the Rembrandt Hotel Gallery Event, everyone is welcome

March 11 – Your photos will be displayed at the Rembrandt Hotel until March 11.  You then will be able to pick your photo after that date at Anoogo.

Determining the Winner of the Siam Photo Contest

There are two stages to determine the winner.  1- Anyone in the general public may vote for their favorite photo during the public voting period.  2- The top ten photos from both categories will then be voted on by the judging panel.  The judges will determine the winners of the Siam Photo Contest.  (The organizers of the Siam Photo Contest, at their discretion, will have the ability to add or delete photos shown to the judges for the final voting).


How to Submit Your Photo to the Siam Photo Contest

  • Agree to rules of the Siam Photo Contest
  • Share your information about your photo with us
  • Upload your photo
  • Pay entry fee (remember you get to keep your photo when the contest is over!)

Remember, you can enter as many photos as you wish!

siam photo contest


Entry Fee

There is an entry fee for the Siam Photo Contest of either 650 Baht (canvas frame) or 1,150 Baht (metal frame).  This fee will be used to print your photograph.  After the gallery viewing period has ended at the Rembrandt Hotel you will be able to pick up your photo at AnoogoRemember, you will be able to keep your photo.

Thanks again to our awesome sponsors!



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