Tour To Socotra Yemen

Tour to Socotra Yemen. Every Passport Stamp and Counting Countries have teamed together to provide awesome travel opportunities to country counters. We will be partnering with tour providers to promote tours to difficult, expensive, and/or remote locales. And please read the instructions so you will receive the special discount.

The first relationship we are excited to announce is with Young Pioneer Tours, who specialize in places that country counters love to travel to. YPT has been in business since 2008 and offers a range of tours as varied as Somaliland to Nauru to DPRK.

Initially, we are announcing our first trip today, but will be offering additional adventures as well in the near future. We will also be working with other providers which we will be introducing to the group.

We are excited for our first trip. Socotra!

Socotra is high on many country counter’s lists. As we know it is near impossible to visit mainland Yemen due to the tragic civil war. Almost as difficult is Socotra, which is an island that is part of Yemen and located in the Arabian Sea. Click here for tour details.

Many have heard of the challenges that several of our peers have had in difficulty in flying from Oman to Socotra. YPT has decided to avoid that problem by chartering a boat that will set sail from Salalah to Socotra, which is an overnight sail. You will then be met by YPT’s local partners upon your arrival for your trip.


Our partnership with YPT will provide you with a 5% discount off YPT’s listed prices (and a cool t-shirt). YPT has very competitive pricing, this makes their offerings all the more attractive. In addition, you will be traveling with your like-minded peers. You must email to get the 5% discount.


When signing up for the tour, please express your initial interest with Ric Gazarian by emailing him at To ensure your 5% discount, you must contact Ric initially.

To Hear More:

Gareth, founder of YPT, and Shane Horan, Tour Guide Manager, will be joining Counting Countries to provide a brief overview of YPT and the tour with the interview of Pongtharin Tanthasindhu. Please listen in here or subscribe on iTunes.


The role of EPS and CC is to evaluate the marketplace and to build relationships with vendors we believe will be a great fit for our audience. YPT and any other provider we work with is solely responsible for the organizing and management of the tour and your experience. EPS and CC will be paid a small fee based upon any sign ups. If you have any specific questions on the tour itself, please contact YPT. Remember if you did not email Ric, you might not be eligible for the discount.

Tour to Socotra Yemen.

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