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Episodes of the Counting Countries Podcast.

Babis Bizas – 193 countries … and travels 300 days a year for several decades

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Babis completed his quest for 193 in 2004, but has not slowed down at all.   [Download .mp3] In the late 1970s, Babis backpacked the Hippy Trail which included Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He eventually found his way to Sri Lanka and joined the crew of a Greek ship and travelled even further.   Babis is one [...]

Artemy Lebedev – 193 countries … and exploring over 1500 cities

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[Download .mp3] Being a lazy workaholic propelled Artemy to become one of the world’s most traveled people Artemy had exploration in his DNA.  As a kid he traveled the metro in Moscow visiting scores of different theaters, satisfying his passion of cinema as well as exploring the nooks and crannies of his city.  As an adult, [...]

Jonny Blair – 113 countries … a Northern Irishman in Poland

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[Download .mp3] Jonny has been on the road for nearly a decade in a half and has covered a lot of ground.  Jonny was inspired to travel by both ice cream and football.  He sold ice cream for four summers in his twenties and his coworkers hailed from 20 different countries, opening his eyes to the [...]

Tony Giles – 110 countries … and blind and mostly deaf

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[Download .mp3] Tony has a sense of adventure not rivaled by many. Tony heard tales of travel from his Dad, a merchant marine.  He also had two opportunities to study in the USA as a student.  Yet, the gift of a kidney which prevented a life of dialysis supercharged his travel life, reminding him that his [...]

Special Report – Turmoil In The Travel Community – The William Baekeland Controversy

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[Download .mp3] Special Report - Turmoil In The Travel Community - The William Baekeland Controversy William Baekeland, a former guest, on Counting Countries is allegedly Jesse Simon Gordon. The travel community is alleging malfeasance on William’s part. William has been accused of being a con man who has been preying on members of the travel community. [...]

James Asquith – 193 countries … and Guinness World Record Holder

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[Download .mp3] James is the current world record holder as the youngest person to travel to every country in the world according to the Guinness World Records James has travel DNA.  His grandfather regaled him with tales of spending time in Yemen.  His mother lived in Hong Kong.  His father was an airline captain who flew [...]

Pongtharin Tanthasindhu – 113 countries … and travelling on a Thai passport

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[Download .mp3] Pongtharin Tanthasindhu - 113 countries ... and travelling on a Thai passport Pong, 28 years old, has traveled to 113 countries is hoping to complete his goal before he turns 35. Pong has travel in his blood.  He started traveling to nearby Asian countries and Europe with his parents as a kid.  Pong spent [...]

Arvinder Bahal – 178 countries … and on his way to outer space!

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[Download .mp3] Arvi is nearly finished in completing his quest to travel to all 193 countries, and has had some amazing experiences on the way. Arvi only has 15 countries left and is hoping to finish this quest in the next year.  During his travels, he has visited both Antarctica and the North Pole.  He sailed [...]