Peleg has been on the road for over 13 years with no end in sight

Peleg is a from a small town, just miles from the Lebanese border.  In 2006, his military unit was called up for the war with Lebanon. He spent a month in combat. After this experience, he revisited the direction of his life.   

He decided he needed to follow his heart and passion and began traveling the world to learn and experience. Originally he brokered a deal with his family where he planned on traveling for four years before returning to lead a more traditional life.  Those 4 years turned into 13 years, with no plan to stop.

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Peleg has a passion for volunteering, and spent time working on many projects throughout the world from a favela in Brazil, living at the Smokey Mountain dump in Manila, and a school in Uganda.  Pelleg is an extremely popular travel blogger in Israel, and also gets many of his readers to participate on his volunteer projects.

Peleg has had challenges on the road like suffering from malaria and typhoid in West Africa or being detained by the police in Guinea.  He has played football in a prison in Mexico. And shares with us why he loves South Africa, Mongolia and an untouched beach in Sierra Leone.  

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More about Peleg Cohen:

  • Born in: Nahariya, Israel
  • Passports from: Israel
  • Favorite travel book: A Fine Balance
  • Favorite travel film: Into The Wild
  • Must carry: Camera!!  
  • Favorite food:  My mom’s cooking, then Indian food
  • Favorite drink: Mezcal
  • Website: Lonely Peleg
  • Facebook: Lonely Peleg


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