Visiting Nyamirambo Women’s Center.  Eighteen women banded together in 2007.  Their goal was to empower local women in the community and address gender-based inequality and discrimination.  Today, over 50 women in this Kigali neighborhood are living better and richer lives.  Nyamirambo Women’s Center (NWC) offers community-based tours, including neighborhood walks, cooking classes, and a weaving workshop.  Other women are also employed making local wares which can be purchased in their store.  And NWC offers workshops on women’s rights, literacy, computer, and weaving courses.        

Visiting Nyamirambo Women's Center

Rwanda was home to a vicious and tragic genocide which wiped out nearly 10% of its population in 1994.  A movement began after the genocide to promote fairness between the genders.  In fact in Rwanda, more women are represented in parliament than any other country in the world.  Overall, Rwanda is ranked top five on the continent in gender equality.  NWC is one example of the country moving in the right direction.   

Visiting Nyamirambo Women's Center

Check out my tour and agenda with G Adventures.  I was invited by G Adventures to attend this tour.  And I will earn a fee if you book a trip with G.  

I am a G Wanderer, part of a team of content creators who work with G Adventures.  I was invited to join the 8-day Culture & Wildlife of Uganda and Rwanda and share my experiences and impressions traveling with G.  

One of NWC’s partner is Planeterra Foundation.  Planeterra was founded in 2003 by Bruce Poon Tip (also the founder of G Adventures).  This non-profit plows millions of dollars into local projects across the globe.  Projects supported by Planeterra are focused on empowering women, training youth, and conserving cultures through socially-responsible tourism.  G Adventure directs tens of thousands of its existing customer base through a local tourism value chain.  In short, Planeterra and G Adventures help support local businesses known as G for Good projects in countries where G operates and helps support locals working in the transportation, handicrafts, dining, and other tourist supported businesses.  The money pouring into the local community through these social enterprises then ripples throughout the community, improving health, sanitation, and the environment.  Many trips with G Adventures include a visit with a G for Good project supported by Planeterra.  There are 70 G for Good projects operating in over 40 countries (and growing).    

And my trip to Uganda and Rwanda included a stop at the Nyamirambo Women’s Center (NWC).  Our group left the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO sight, well known for trekking mountain gorillas and headed to the border with Rwanda.  The border crossing transpired without any difficulties and later in the day we arrived at the capital of Kigali.  Our first stop was a difficult and moving visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

We then arrived at the NWC for a late lunch.  NWC offers meals made by locals at their homes.  Our group of seven entered the living room of a neatly appointed home.  We situated ourselves on a series of chairs surrounding a table covered with shiny silver pots overladen with are soon to be devoured lunch.  Our host graciously served us, making sure that all plates were filled more than once. 

Visiting Nyamirambo Women's Center

Visiting Nyamirambo Women's Center

After our scrumptious and filling lunch , we ambled over to the nearby Nyamirambo Women’s Center.  The gift shop was filled with brightly colored, home made goods, ranging from bags to stuffed animals.  Energetic saleswomen helped me with my purchases.  I figured that this would be a great place to stock up on gifts for my loved ones back home.  I had a look at the adjoining sewing room.  It was a holiday, so the room was empty, but a dozen or so sewing machines stood await for the next working day.            

Visiting Nyamirambo Women's Center I spoke with Marie, one of the original founders and the elected representative since 2011 of the NWC.  She shares with me how the NWC changed her life and what it means to her and her family.  And she also expounds on how the NWC is providing opportunities to over 50 women in the community.  And check out this interview with Marie …

Check this out on Chirbit

Visiting Nyamirambo Women's Center

So when in Kigali, make sure a visit to the Nyamirambo Women’s Center is part of your agenda.

Visiting Nyamirambo Women’s Center. 


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