Join me in my quest to travel to every county in the world. The UN says there are 193 countries. See where I have traveled so far!

I will share with you off-the-beaten path locations, unique experiences and must-see places. And occasionally, I will share some insights and travel advice that I have learned on the road.

I was once a corporate drone, but got laid off one too many times which propelled me on my life of travel. After a final lay off in the fall of 2008 after Lehman Brothers imploded, I never looked back.

During this time, I have visited all seven continents. Travel, whether good or bad, contributes to an astounding mosaic of memories. Some of these memories include being shaken down for a bribe by Russian cops on the streets of Moscow, being quarantined by the Chinese government in Tibet for five days, being felled by a case of unbearable food sickness in Yemen, being told by your new friend from Syria that “we hate America” as you drive to Damascus while smuggling cartons of cigarettes, or being advised that the “number one mafia in Taiwan” might want to physically harm you.


During my travels, I have published three books: 7000 KM To Go and Hit The Road India. The first book traces a road rally from Budapest to Yerevan over 17 days crossing 11 countries. The second book follows a 2000 km rally in an auto-rickshaw from Mumbai to Chennai.  And finally, Photos From Chernobyl contains over 100 photos from my two days of exploring the world’s worst nuclear disaster, Chernobyl.

Even better you can view Hit The Road India on iTunes or Amazon. It is a full feature documentary that I am featured in and produced.  And Hit The Road: Cambodia, our sequel will be released in 2018.

I am freelancing for such outlets as Thrillist, HuffPost, and Yahoo Travel .

And check out my podcast, Counting Countries, where I interview the most traveled people in the world, who have been to every country in the world.

I was also the keynote speaker at the PATA Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism Conference in Chiang Rai in February, 2016.  And a panelist at the HSMIA Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Conference in Bangkok, November, 2015 and moderated a panel at the Mekong Tourism Forum in June, 2017.  At the 2016 Digital Innovation Asia Awards,  I was also the Winner of the Most Captivating Digital Story.

To check out my photos and to purchase, please check out my gallery.

I also work with fantastic brands in long-term relationships with G Adventures and Raven Tours and Treks.

Thanks for joining me in my journey.

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In a nursery school in Chernobyl

Hill of Crosses

Hill of Crosses




















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