My travel gear. I have traveled to over 150 countries. That is a lot of miles, and many learning opportunities. I am passionate about photography and love creating images. That means I carry a lot of photo gear as well as other electronic gear. Take a look at what I am able to fit in one very snug carryon. And yes, I am an Amazon Affiliate, so order away so I make my millions.

my travel gear


Lowepro LP37269-PWW Pro Trekker BP 450 AW II Outdoor Camera Backpack

After 7 years, I made a big change and switched to this new Lowepro bag.  It wasn’t cheap, but I thought it was time for an update and this bag had a bit more room for all of the gear I am listing below.  This bag is designed specifically to haul a lot of electronic/camera gear and still add in my laptop and tablet.


Sony a7r iii Mirrorless Camera: 42.4MP Full Frame High Resolution Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera 

Ok, this camera is not cheap, but this full frame camera creates world class images. It is mirrorless, meaning it is a tad smaller than full frame DSLRs. It is also fantastic in low light environments.

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 16-50mm and 55-210mm Power Zoom Lenses

For those whose budget does not support the a7riii, take a look at this more affordable option. I do not own this camera, but it appears to be a very solid option.


Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM LENS

This is my go-to lens. I use it 90% of the time. A fast lens with a f/2.8. This is the type of lens that you will keep in your kit for many years.

Sony 10-18mm f/4.0MM OSS LENS

When I need a wide-angle lens, I grab this lens.

Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS Interchangeable Lens

You are going on safari? You need a telephoto lens. This one does the trick for me. I cheaped out here with a F4, but there is a faster more expensive lens with a F2.8, but I have been very happy with the image quality of the F4.

Camera Accessories

SanDisk 256 GB Extreme Pro

The card is big and fast.  When you are dealing with big photo files, I want to have a lot of GB.  This serves as a second backup for me.  For each trip, I keep a set of files on the SD card and another on my external hard drives.  The Sony a7riii has two SD slots so I have two of these cards.

SanDisk 256GB Ultra MicroSDXC Memory Card

I also carry two of these.  One for the GoPro and one for the Mavic Air.  These are cheap enough to leave the in card for the entire trip and still be able to do time lapses and videos and have enough storage.

Sony NPFZ100 Z-series Rechargeable Battery Pack for Alpha A7 III

The battery for Sony a7riii has significantly improved, but I still carry three spares.  This official Sony battery is not cheap, and you can buy non-official batteries that work and are cheaper.

Sony BCQZI Z-Series Battery Charger

There is nothing worse than being in some remote place and leaving your battery charger in the hotel.  I always carry a spare charger.  Again, this is not cheap, but it is quality.

Professional Camera Cleaning Kit  

Stating the obvious, keep you camera and lens clean.  I typically bring my camera to the Sony service center to get a deep cleaning several times a year.  But always good to have a cleaning kit on the road.

Fotasy Ergonomic Design Camera Sling Strap

If you are walking for hours every day, you want to have a comfortable strap to distribute the weight of the camera.  This is a sturdy strap with a strong clasp at a great price.

82mm X4 UV Filter

Protect your expensive glass with a filter.

Supon Timer Shutter Release 

If you plan on doing long exposure travel make sure you have a shutter release.

Sports Camera

GoPro Hero 9 Black

I have been using GoPros for years. I use it primarily for snorkeling, time lapses, and creating action videos when on the move. I typically upgrade every 2nd model and I just upgraded to the 9.  Check out the front facing camera.

GoPro Attachments

Shoot Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

This strong and flexible grip provides a lot of flexibility when trying to grab that shot or video.  I have clipped my GoPro with this attachment to cars, trains, and even helicopters.

Smatree Q3 Telescoping Selfie Stick With Tripod Stand

This device serves two purposes, both selfie stick and tripod.  I still haven’t used the selfie stick but do use it as a tripod.  This is perfect tripod to set up time lapses.

AmazonBasics Head Strap

Ok, you might look a little foolish, but when I am on the move, I will snap on this headband.

Sandmarc Aqua Dive Filter

This is a must if you plan to take your GoPro for snorkeling.  If you do not use these filters, your video will not look like what you are seeing with the naked eye.  These filters help you capture the underwater beauty.

GoPro Rechargeable Battery

I carry two additional GoPro batteries, made by GoPro.  My overall experience with GoPro batteries loses its charge too quickly.  Remember the GoPro 9 has a different sized battery than its previous models.

MAXCAM Power Triple Battery Charger

As I mentioned before, you always want to carry a spare battery charger, in case you lose it or it stops functioning.


DJI Mavic Air 2s

OK, the camera gear is not finished. I recently switched from the Mavic Air to the Mavic Air 2s. This drone falls into the middle, size wise … smaller than the original DJI Mavic and a bit bigger DJI Mavic Air.  The Air 2s creates stunning photos and videos.  The battery life is strong around 25 minutes.  It has good connectivity with the remote controller.   This drone is one my favorite toys, and I love creating these aerial images. With this unique perspective, I have created some stunning images. There is a bit of a learning curve, but after you take it our several times, you will feel more comfortable.

DJI Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 is a beast.  It has a 46 minute battery time and a 15 km range.  Great image quality.  On the negative it is over $2,000 and larger than my Mavic Air 2s.  With the higher price and larger size, it is not a great solution for me travel wise.

Drone Accessories

DJI Mavic Air Battery

You might have heard me say this before, and this is even more true with drones.  You need to have extra batteries when flying since the fly time is about 20 minutes.  I carry three batteries total.

DJI Mavic Air 2s Charger

Make sure you have an extra battery charger.  Always have a back up.

Mavic Air 2s Propellers

Another best practice, bring extra propellers.  If your props get scratched, you want to make sure you have a spare set.


Dell Vostro 15.6 FHD Laptop

If I am doing serious work, I need a laptop, whether I am editing photos and cruising through the day’s emails.  When I edit photos in Lightroom, I need some power.  My photos are nearly 50 MB each.

Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

As I noted before, each one of my photos is approximately 50 MB a file.  This adds up very quickly.  And I also want a back up for my photos.  I carry four of these external hard drives.

Tablet And Mobile Phone

Google Pixel 3a (64 GB)

I have added a second phone to my arsenal.  I have used an iPhone for years.  But I have added the Pixel for two reasons.  First, to utilize the better camera.  And Second, to use Google’s Fi service.  This offers 5g data around the world at $10 a GB.

Apple iPhone 12 256 GB

I have been using Apple since their first smartphone rolled off the factory store.  A great benefit of the iPhone 12 is that the camera shoots in RAW.  Just like my GoPro, I upgrade every other model. The key is to make sure the phone is unlocked so you can insert SIM cards when you visit a new country.  This phone is on the TMobile network, which offers data in over 100 countries.  The problem is it is 2G.

Apple iPad Pro (11 Inch, Wifi, 256 GB)

I love my iPad. I know, it is another device to carry, but I find I has a lot of utility. I read my books on the iPad via Kindle, listen to Sirius radio, and stream my Netflix.


Travel Adapter Uppel Dual USB All-In-One

I carry this baby with me. In fact, I have two, with a spare in my checked baggage.

Ntonpower 3-Port USB Power Strip With 2 Outlets

ABC. Always be charging. As you will be charging multiple devices, make sure you bring this portable charging station.  This one has  3 USB and 2 outlets.

Anker PowerCore 1000

Carrying a power bank is a must. This power bank is compact and good for 2-3 charges.  Small enough fit to go in your pocket.

And once you get your tablet and the Kindle App, here are the best 193 incredible travel books to read.  Here is a list of travel resources I utilize when I am planning or on a trip.

My travel gear.

my travel gear