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Ellany Lea – 104 countries … and living as a digital nomad

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[Download .mp3] Ella made a drastic decision after graduating university and starting her first corporate job.  She quit on her 89th day.    Despite having a great opportunity in the corporate world, she realized quickly that she craved a life of independence and freedom.  She ended up living in Rwanda working for a NGO for 6 [...]

Jakob Øster – 178 countries … and travels with his family to Somalia and Afghanistan!

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[Download .mp3] A family that travels together stays together.  Jakob travels frequently with his girlfriend and two young children.   Jakob travels often with his girlfriend and two young children.  Family vacations include overland West African road trips, visits to Somaliland, and family excursions to Afghanistan.  His children aged 10 and 8 respectively have traveled to [...]

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