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Hey now, I am your host, Ric Gazarian. I am excited to share my conversation with Nabil Kazi.  I connected with Nabil Kazi back in 2021 when he suggested a guest (Nick Butter – episode 95) for Counting Countries.  I guess everything comes full circle as Nabil is a guest on this episode.

Nabil and I have been in contact ever since and even connected in person for dinner in Bangkok at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Charlie Browns.  Nabil has had two distinct chapters in his adult life.  Chapter One, an executive in the land of Hollywood and Chapter Two, as a full time traveler.  Maybe we can get some behind-the-scenes Hollywood insights.  

Some of you might have heard the tragic news from Bamiyan in Afghanistan.  Nabil and I touch on this but while editing there are some greater details.  Apparently, a tour provider from our 193 community brought a group to Afghanistan.  Three Spaniard travelers and three Afghan locals were shot and killed.  In additional six travelers and Afghans were also injured.  Just a reminder when you ask in a conversation or online, “is it safe?” and many people respond, “I just went it is very safe, just go!”.  Remember it was very safe for that traveler, on that specific day, time, and location.  This is a country of 40 million and 250,000 square miles.  That traveler is not a security expert on Afghanistan.  

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Just a reminder for those who are coming or thinking of coming that we will be hosting the NomadMania Awards live in Bangkok on Sunday evening.  This is the great event that NM has been streaming on YouTube for the last several years.  This is a great opportunity to get together and recognize some travelers who are making a difference.  Don’t forget, Sunday evening, November 17 this year.  

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And remember, we have a new feature on Counting Countries.  The idea is to celebrate wins in the 193 community and involve more people.  The inspiration came from my friends at Club 100 from Sweden.  They have been recognizing milestones on their great IG account – Club 100+ Countries (@club100pluscountries) • Instagram photos and videos.  So make sure you follow along.  Today, we will get updates from Ted Nims, Justine “off the beaten path” Kirby, Raiiq Ridwan (former guest and ETF speaker).  You will hear their updates throughout the podcast.  Let’s listen to one now.    

I will be asking for travelers to submit audio files to recognize travel accomplishments.  To learn more follow the Counting Countries on IG and FB accounts and I will be making future call to actions.  Here are a couple of milestones to recognize now. 

And take a look at Nabil’s page on Counting Countries page.  I share his Pakistani passport from when he was a small kid.  

I was in Boston for this recording while Nabil was in Cali. Please listen in and enjoy.   

Thank you to my Patrons – you rock!!  ….  Adam Hickman, Barry Hoffner, Bisa Myles, Ted Nims, Simen Flotvik Mathisen, Ed Hotchkiss, Steph Rowe, Lori Pastorelli, Gintaute Liutkeviciute, Philippe Izedian, Sunir Joshi, Jorge Serpa, Justine Kirby, Phil “Marmaduke” Marcus, Sonia Zimmermann, Katelyn Jarvis, Carole Southam, Per Flisberg, Dale Wursten, and Sam Williams.

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About Nabil Kazi Counting Countries

1.  129 countries (not including Kosovo, Vatican, Palestine and Taiwan)

2.  I was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait

3. I hold a USA Passport

4. Favorite Travel Book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

5. Favorite Travel Film is Eat Pray Love

6. Must Carry Item when Traveling AirPods and Canon Camera

7. Favorite Food is Lebanese

8 Favorite Drink is hot latte with oak milk 

9. Favorite Airline is Emirates

10. Favorite Hotel is Aman Resorts

11. Instagram handle is

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