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Mrauk U Princess Resort

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Mrauk U Princess Resort.  I am not sure how they did this, almost like sleight of hand.  My car rolled up to the Mrauk U Princess Resort.  I slid out of the seat, covered in dust, sweaty after a full day of exploring the temples.  And there waiting for me was a staff member, with a cold, [...]

Three Days of Luxury in Khao Lak

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Three Days of Luxury in Khao Lak.  Travel blogging does not rank highly in the hierarchy of well-paid careers, but it does come with some awesome benefits.  After spending three days roughing it on Surin Islands in very rustic accommodations (either tents or simple bungalows), I arrived at the JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort & Spa [...]

Signs You Do Not See At Home

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Signs You Do Not See At Home.  Often when traveling overseas, I am amused, confused, and intrigued by signage that I come across.  Here are some signs I typically do not see back home. Armenia A billboard in Yerevan, Armenia recognizing the Armenian Genocide, by comparing Hitler to Turkey's monstrous Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Belarus McDonalds of [...]

Tourism Fails

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Tourism Fails As someone who travels constantly, I have numerous interactions with airlines, hotels, tour providers, and everything in between. I witness the superlative and the truly, incredibly awful. I will be highlighting interactions with the latter.  I spend countless hours of my time and thousands of dollars righting these wrongs. Mystic Blue - Entertainment Cruises [...]

Visiting The Axis Of Evil

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Visiting The Axis Of Evil.  Over the last 6 weeks I have visited 2/3 of the Axis of Evil, Iran and Iraq.  And I also traveled to Eritrea, which is sometimes referred to as the North Korea of Africa, which is the third member of the Axis.  George W. Bush, opined in his speech after 9/11 [...]

Introduction To Travel In Eritrea

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Introduction To Travel In Eritrea I shuffled up to the counter.  I was hungry. “Can I please have spaghetti with tomato sauce?” I inquired.  I had been given a hamburger for dinner, but I had no intention of eating it.  It was swamped in mayonnaise. A big no-no for me.  And to be honest the meat [...]

Erbil And Kurdistan Advice

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Erbil And Kurdistan Advice Safety Things can change at any moment in this region, but at the time of my visit in May of 2016, things were very safe.  This is despite the fact that the frontline is only 50 miles away in Mosul.  Before you visit check the latest updates with the US State Department [...]

Advice On Visiting Iran

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Advice on Visiting Iran Visa Whether it is delusional paranoia or their attempt to punish tourists for poor relations with their governments, the Iranian government enjoys having Americans, Brits, and Canadians jump through several hoops before receiving an Iranian visa.  The trio are required to receive a Visa code from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  [...]