Visiting The Must-See Golden Temple In Amritsar

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What you need to know when visiting the Golden Temple.  India is an immense and diverse country that offers so much for visitors. I have just returned for my fourth time and was wowed once again. My inaugural visit was in 2004 in Rajasthan, followed by an extensive trip in 2012 when I filmed a documentary, [...]

Must-See Japanese Landmarks

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Must-see Japanese landmarks. Once you get past the vending machines, bizarre but fun maid cafes, Shinkansen bullet trains, and conveyor belts overflowing with sushi, it is time to explore some of Japan’s history. Japan has had a long history of isolation beginning in 1633, where foreigners were banned from entering the island nation. The isolation [...]

Three Days In Burundi

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Visiting Burundi. I was one of the first of the plane, and I motored to immigration. An official handed me a slip, which I hastily filled out. I had now assumed pole position and was speeding to get my passport stamped. An official doublechecked my papers and informed me there were two forms, not just one. [...]

Learning About The Rwandan Genocide In Kigali Rwanda

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Learning About Rwandan Genocide Kigali Rwanda.  The streets are so clean.  There are neatly painted curbs demarcating the sidewalks.  I fixated on the center line dividing the road as my car rumbled across the pavement.  I was fascinated and impressed.  I recently spent 3 weeks in Western Africa and the word that comes to mind [...]

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Ivory Coast – Must-See

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Must-See Basilica of Our Lady of Peace Ivory Coast.  Ivory Coast located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa for centuries was comprised of several kingdoms.  In 1843, Ivory Coast became a protectorate of France until it gained its independence in 1960.  Felix Houphouet-Boigny ruled the country from 1960 until 1993 bringing relative stability and [...]

Visiting The Great Mosque Of Djenne, Mali

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Visiting Great Mosque Djenne Mali.  My three and half week West African road trip was to end in Mali.  It was going to be a drive from Bobo, Burkina Faso’s second largest city to Bamako, the capital of Mali, with a quick visit before flying home.  Mali is well known in travel lore for the ancient [...]

Visiting Ganvie Lake Village Benin

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Visiting Ganvie Lake Village Benin.  I sauntered onto the dock, which edged out into the lake.  A sharp sun beat down on me despite the morning hour.  A series of staircases met a multitude of pirogues that bobbed in the water, which magically hovered just above the waterline.  The pirogues were filled with wares, coming and [...]

Trongsa Dzong, My Favorite Dzong In Bhutan

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Trongsa Dzong Bhutan.  I have traveled to Bhutan three times, approximately spending a month in the country.  I have also worked with a local travel operator as a consultant for three years.  If you need advice or help, planning a trip to Bhutan, please email me at Ric @   Calling all Disney location scouts.  I [...]

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