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Victoria Falls – Must-See

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Victoria Falls Must See.  Victoria Falls is one of those places that engenders such lofty expectations, yet is able to exceed them once you are finally able to witness its gargantuan magnificence.  Victoria Falls sits at the corner of where Zimbabwe and Zambia meet.  David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer, was the first “to discover” the falls [...]

Reasons Why Iceland Should Be On Your Bucket List

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No doubt, everyone is talking about Iceland nowadays. If you follow the trails of top travel bloggers and influencers from around the world, majority of them had already been to Iceland. Who can blame them? Iceland is truly magical and breathtaking that it seems to belong on a completely different dimension. This place has always been [...]

Top Sights Almaty Kazakhstan

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Top Sights Almaty Kazakhstan.  Almaty is not elbowing out Paris any time soon on top travel lists, but this Central Asian city should be included on your to-visit-lists.  Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan (yes, that one, made famous by Borat) nearing two million people.  For decades, Almaty served as Kazakhstan’s capital, until the capital [...]

Island Paradise Nyaung Oo Phee

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Island Paradise Nyaung Oo Phee.  Salt-colored sand.  Translucent azure ocean waters.  Tranquility and serenity.  Every year it becomes more challenging to find your own secret hideaway.  Between Tripadvisor, apps, and social media there are fewer and fewer undiscovered corners of the world.  But I found my slice of perfection. How is this for crystal clear [...]

Palau, Pacific Perfection

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Palau, Pacific Perfection. Dreams do come true.  The country of Palau in the Pacific Ocean is a vision of transparent azure oceans, rainbow-colored tropical fish, and hundreds of green-dotted islands.  It is fantastically beautiful.  Palau is series of 300 plus islands is located in the Western Pacific Ocean and is part of Caroline Islands in Micronesia.  [...]

Yap – Remote Pacific Paradise

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Yap - Remote Pacific Paradise. Yap is remote, real remote. Only three flights a week connect to this miniscule Pacific Island. Yap is one of the least visited countries in the world, click here to see the other least visited places.  Yap is one of the four islands that makes up the Federated States of Micronesia. [...]

Tiger’s Nest Must-See

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Tiger's Nest Must-See. I was a guest of Raven Tours and Treks.  All opinions are expressed are my own, and I would recommend you traveling with Raven Tours and Treks. Paris has the Eifel Tower and NYC has the Statue of Liberty.  Well, Bhutan has Paro Taktsang better known as Tiger’s Nest.  Bhutan’s best known landmark [...]

Ultimate Guide Bhutan

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Ultimate Guide Bhutan. I was a guest of Raven Tours and Treks.  All opinions are expressed are my own, and I would recommend that you travel with Raven Tours and Treks if you plan to visit Bhutan. “Koo zoo zong po la,” I stuttered and muttered a word from my Dzongkha vocabulary.  In fact, saying hello [...]

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