Copan – Must-Visit.  Located near the Guatemala border in Honduras lies the ancient Mayan civilization of Copan. It was discovered in 1570 by Spaniard Diego García de Palacio. American and British explorers, John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood visited Copán with multiple other Mayan cites in Central America and published a best seller on their visit. A brief history, Maya leader Yax Kuk Mo arrived in Copan from Tikal (another Mayan civilization) in 427 AD and began a kingdom hat stretched for 600 years with 16 leaders holding the reigns. At its peak, 20,000 people lived at Copan stretching over 100 square miles. The kingdom was jolted with the death of its 13th king during the 8th century when he was beheaded after losing a battle. This began a slow decline when the civilization dissipated during the 10th century.  Copan is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

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One of the highlights of a visit to Copan is the Hieroglyphic Stairway Plaza. The 63 steps are adorned with approximately 2000 glyphs. The stairs stretch 100 feet and the glyphs detail the royal history of Copan. This is the longest Mayan text ever discovered.

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The other highlight of Copan are the stately stelae. This intricately carved stone structures stand 10-15 tall high. The stelae highlight different rulers of Copan with a portrait on one side and with glyphs describing the rule on the opposite side.

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Things to know:

Hours: The park is open from 8 am – 4 pm

Cost: To enter the park the cost is $15. There are additional costs for the museum and the tunnels.

Guide: You can hire a local guide for $44 to view Copan at the ruins.

Food: There is a restaurant at the entrance of the park. Very slow service.

Bonus: Check out the beautiful rainbow colored macaws when you enter the park.

Copan - Must-Visit

Where to stay: The town of Copan is an easy 10-15 minute walk to the park. The town is small and low key. Make sure you eat some pupusas on Parque Central. And of course there are a lot of bars and shops that dot the town for the benefit for travelers. The town is easily walkable.

Copan - Must-Visit

Copan - Must-Visit