Join us in Bangkok for the Extraordinary Travel Festival in November of 2024.  Please use code – BANGKOK – to save $120.  Reserve your place today.

Want to go to Bhutan?  Join us on our side trip to Bhutan.

I am pleased to announce a new speaker, Lakshmi Parthasarathy who will be speaking about her experience on a multi-week homestay in Mogadishu.

The next guest is Palle Bo, The Radio Vagabond.  Palle attended the first ETF and is coming back for the second one.

And our last guest is a first-time attendee to ETF Bangkok, Mike Fiorellino at YouTube creator at Mike No Go Zones.

Have you bought a ticket to ETF or are confident you will be attending?  We want to hear from you to make this event even better, please take several minutes and fill out this survey.  Thanks!

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