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James is the current world record holder as the youngest person to travel to every country in the world according to the Guinness World Records

James has travel DNA.  His grandfather regaled him with tales of spending time in Yemen.  His mother lived in Hong Kong.  His father was an airline captain who flew to international locales like Senegal and Ethiopia, James sometimes accompanying.  

James shares with us why people make such a big difference when visiting every country in the world.  And he tells us what country has the friendliest people. James  tells us where the most magical sunrise is in the world.  James recounts visiting Ivory Coast during a civil war and traveling to Libya after the killing of Gaddafi.  

And what counts as visiting a country?  James and I discuss the “broken finger rule”.  

James also has a lot of current travel initiatives currently.  He recently published a book called Breaking Borders.  He is also rolling out a new travel app named Holiday Swap that helps people travel the world and build new friendships.  

James joined me from London while I was in Bangkok, please join in and listen to today’s episode.

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Check out our friends: Chasing 193, Volume II: The Quest To Visit Every Country In The World and Large Minority.  They organize international rallies around the world including: Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the Philippines and the Amazon.  

More about James Asquith:

  • Born in: Cuckfield, UK
  • Passports from: UK
  • Favorite travel book: Into The Wild
  • Favorite travel film:  Cloud Atlas, not travel specifically but more on relationships and interconnectivity  
  • Favorite websites: Holiday Swap, obviously 😉
  • Must carry: Passport and money. Nothing else is necessary. I travel really light and there is nothing I need except the essentials to get me places. Everything else I’ll figure out along the way (I hope!)
  • Favorite food:  Anything that are Italian staples, meats and cheeses with some wine and I’m all set!  
  • Favorite drink: If I’m being boring a gin and tonic is the go to, but anything out of a pineapple or coconut always gets my attention!
  • Favorite airline: Cathay Pacific. Good product and quality service
  • Favorite hotel: No comment, conflict of interest 🙂
  • Instagram: James Asquith Travel
  • His book: Breaking Borders
  • His travel app: Holiday Swap
  • Guinness World Record: James’s record

All photos of James provided by James Asquith Travel

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How Many Countries Are There?

Well… that depends on who you ask!

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