South Sudan – 145th Country.  To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries.  South Sudan is my 145th country.

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South Sudan is the world’s newest country in the world gaining its independence in 2011 from Sudan during a very lengthy civil war.  Eleven million people can be found in this north-east landlocked country.  They are mostly Christian and animists.  Despite having immense oil wealth, South Sudan remains one of the world’s poorest countries on a per capita income basis.  One of South Sudan’s claims to fame is Manute Bol, one of the tallest players ever in the NBA.  While South Sudan has its hard-earned independence, the country faces many challenges from food insecurity to a refugee crisis to political instability.

The capital Juba is not exactly tourist friendly with little to see in terms of monuments and a population that is extremely angry if not outright violent when a picture is taken.  The plan was to head out of the city to spend time with the Mundari, a semi-nomadic tribe of cattle herders.  Saying this was a unique experience is an understatement.  As the Mundari live as one with the cattle in a symbiotic environment.  I spent two nights camping with the Mundari and another visit to the Dinka tribe.

It’s A Small World

South Sudan – 145th Country

South Sudan is my 144th country.

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