A Year In Review: 2015.  It was a busy and rewarding year!! I covered a lot of ground on four different continents, some of it old, but plenty of new. In 2015, I traveled to ten new countries; including: Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Panama, Romania, and Moldova. This brought my country count to 92. Still a very, very long way from visiting all 193 countries in the world, but making some progress. I also revisited a six countries; including: Thailand, Spain, UAE, Armenia, Ukraine, and Cambodia. I had some incredible experiences this year; including: sleeping over at Chernobyl, a riverboat cruise on the Amazon, visiting Transnistria (a non-existent country), taking my first hot balloon ride in Catalonia, and filming the sequel, Hit The Road: Cambodia. Also, a very rewarding experience was volunteer teaching in the slums of Bangkok for 5 months.

In 2015, I spent 307 days on the road. I took 46 flights on 17 different airlines.  And I stayed in 38 different hotels.  In addition, I slept over in boats, tents, homestays, and apartments on 6 different occasions.

I have many exciting plans for 2016.  One of my first trips will be exploring Cuba in January.  Stay tuned for new stories!


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chernobyl exclusion zone

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