New England Patriots Fans Unite

New England Patriots Fans Unite.  I have been a Pats fan since the Grogan days while growing up outside Boston.  And some of those days were pretty lean.  Of course, the football gods have blessed all Bostonians under the holy trinity of Kraft-Belichick- Brady.  And over the years, I have taken my Patriots game on the road.  And I mean the international road.  I am on a quest to travel to every country in the world (there are 193 of them).  When I am traveling I am constantly watching games overseas, and keeping my eyes out for Pats fans.  And some of these fans turn up in very unlikely places.


I was checking out the local markets in Santiago, the capital of Chile, when the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of a very sharp looking hat.  A quickly made am introduction and asked for a photo.

New England Patriots Fans Unite

This was a pretty neat experience.  I was in Santiago and I hunted down the bar that played NFL games.  This was the Thursday night game in 2017 against the Chiefs.  I walked into the backroom with the game projected on the wall.  There were about twenty fans crammed in the room with about half being Patriots fans.  All of the guys were locals and big Pats fans.   

New England Patriots Fans Unite


OK, this one took me by surprise.  I was looking for somewhere to eat lunch when I crossed paths with this Pats fan in Tehran, Iran.  Always nice to meet a fellow DeAndre Carter fan, number 83.  Or is it an older Wes Welker shirt?

New England Patriots Fans Unite New England Patriots Fans Unite


I was looking forward to a night of Luche Libre, also known as wrestling, in Mexico City.  While waiting in line I ran into this cool guy.


Brass Monkey in Taipei pulled out all of the stops for the 2008 Superbowl.  Of course, the result was not want we wanted.  But they did show the American ads as advertised.  And you had to get up quite early, kick off was at 7:18 am local time.

New England Patriots Fans Unite


An advertisement for Superbowl 51.  Note that sitting is either inside or out.  That is a pretty good feeling in February, compared to shivering in Boston.

 New England Patriots Fans Unite

I met this guy hanging out at the Bangkok ComicCon.  Also great to meet a Brady fan. 

 New England Patriots Fans Unite


I was strolling the streets of Tunis, Tunisia in North Africa.  Tunisia is much better known as the birthplace for the Arab Spring, but there are a couple of Pats fans mixed in as well.  I ran into this guy in the center of town.

New England Patriots Fans Unite


New England Patriots Fans Unite

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2 thoughts on “New England Patriots Fans Unite

  1. Frank

    My favorite NFL team as well…but what I miss most about travelling is hockey, especially my Montreal Canadiens. But at least they’ve done me the honor of sucking ass the last few years. I hope they forever regret trading P.K Subban, the most exciting Canadiens player to come along in a while…
    Hard to shake the love for our favorite sports teams though…


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