Saying Goodbye In Klong Toey

Saying goodbye in Klong Toey.  The times I have volunteered I have felt that I have received more than I have given. It is a hackneyed expression, but my four months in the slums of Klong Toey proved it to be true. The teachers at the kindergarten always treated me with great respect and support. More than I deserved as a non-professional teacher. I felt lucky to teach in their schools and help out.

klong toey

klong toey klong toey

The kids were awesome. They were full of good spirits and eagerness to learn. Their smiles were contagious. I was met often with high fives and hugs.

klong toey school

As my way to say thank you, I organized a thank you party on my last day. It was a day full of balloon making and face painting. Ice creams were eagerly consumed. And the day’s climax was a magic show which was met with a chorus of “aaaahhhhsss” and “oooohhhhsss” from the children. The day ended with kids lazily falling asleep for nap time.

klong toey klong toey klong toey klong toey klong toey klong toey klong toey

klong toey

klong toey


klong toey

klong toey

Check out why I was volunteering in Klong Toey.  And what was graduation day like.

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