Belize – 104th Country

To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries.  Belize is my 104th country.   

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After exploring Guatemala, I made an uneventful but expensive land crossing to Belize.  I headed directly to my hotel, Hopkins Bay Resort Belize, which sat on the Caribbean.  My choice of this beach was somewhat driven by logistics.  Car/drives are punishingly expensive.  (I was quoted $400 for a 2 hour ride to the airport for example.)  So this hotel and beach was the most convenient and cost effective between the airport and the border crossing with Guatemala.

The hotel was relaxing, and the room was a comfortably sized two room apartment, with views of the beach.  Time was spent relaxing, swimming, eating and bike riding within the small town and checking out some of the local restaurants.  Due to high winds, both of my planned snorkel trips were canceled.   

So in short, I probably need to go back, and explore again.

Belize - 104th Country

  Belize – 104th Country 

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3 thoughts on “Belize – 104th Country

  1. Ray

    Belize has a lot to offer tourists! Spent about two weeks there myself about 8 years ago. My buddy and I did everything from checking out the Mayan ruins at Lamanai to taking a day trip out to Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave; watching a soccer match in San Ignacio for the Belize Premiere League Soccer Championships to spending a night in a Mayan village in Southern Belize about an hour outside of Punta Gorda.

    Of the 20+ countries I have visited to date, Belize still remains my #1 country because of its beauty and hospitality from the locals. You definitely owe it to yourself to come back and explore this place some more! Feel free to message me if you ever have any specific questions or want recommendations for anything if you do go back.

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