To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries.  Burkina Faso is my 109th country.   

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A short flight from Niamey and I touched down in the capital of Ouagadougou.  Hands down, maybe one of the coolest names for a city.  My guide Marlon was waiting at the airport with his trusty Land Cruiser.  The next five days, we would cruise around Burkina Faso, taking in the sights and the people.  Highlights included sitting on the back of a sacred crocodile, being the only tourist at a national park for a safari, and checking out the painted houses of Tiebele.  The locals were friendly and hospitable.  This road trip took place in 2017.  I was back for a second road trip in the Western part of Burkina Faso for a second road trip in 2018.           

Burkina Faso Road Trip  

The Painted House Of Tiebele

Exploring West Burkina Faso  

Burkina Faso – 109th Country

Burkina Faso – 109th Country

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