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Is Etihad Airlines A Fraud?

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I will be providing an analysis of Etihad Airline's alliance, which some might consider to be a fraud.  I will be also sharing my experience with their awful customer service. I have slogged through 16 years of being an “elite” flier on United Airlines. I have racked up over 1,400,000 plus miles. It hasn’t been easy. [...]

Travel For Free

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This is the Holy Grail, travel for free! In a several week period in April, I received about $8,000 in free airline tickets and hotels. I stayed in a hotel I would never typically stay in: Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa. My 1000 square foot overlooking the Indian Ocean was over $700 a night. My [...]

Hotel – Be A Rock Star In Bangkok

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There are too many hotel options in Bangkok.  Too many choices.  But if you want to splurge, consider staying at Lebua at State Hotel.  Have a drink on the 63rd roof deck bar and restaurant.  Why not?  That is where the characters of Hangover II were hanging out.  Otherwise you can take a dip at the [...]

Where To Stay In Bangkok?

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I have spent multiple months in Bangkok, but there is never a shortage of options to stay. Agoda is listing over 1300 hotels in Bangkok alone. Options range from various hostels on Kao Sarn Road the backpacker nexus or grab a $400 room at the Mandarin Hotel. Anyone who has spent time in Bangkok realizes it [...]

Fully Charged

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Travel Gear For The Road. How many devices are you carrying? Laptop, tablet, iPhone, camera? Even more?   I know for me it is a real hassle keeping all these devices charged. I bring several items to help keep my batteries fully charged and make my life a little easier. The more gear I carry, the more [...]

Stay In Touch

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Stay In Touch How do you stay in touch with everyone back home and not break the bank? This is what I do when I am overseas. Step One In regard to your cell phone, go on “seasonal standby” when you leave the country. This means you will maintain your cell phone number and will not [...]

Money Matters

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Save Money Overseas.  I imagine you don’t want to go on your next international jaunt with a several thousand dollars stuffed in your pocket. You don’t want to take the risk of getting rolled on your first day and be penniless and begging for money at the Bangkok Western Union. Traveler’s checks are so 1980s. So [...]