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Chin Tattoo Women

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Chin Tattoo Women.  Myanmar is an incredibly diverse hodgepodge, with 135 distinct ethnic groups and 108 language groups.  That is quite a punch for a country of 50 million.  One of these ethnic groups is the Chin people who could be found in the western part of Myanmar (and also in India and Bangladesh).  The Chin [...]

Mrauk U Princess Resort

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Mrauk U Princess Resort.  I am not sure how they did this, almost like sleight of hand.  My car rolled up to the Mrauk U Princess Resort.  I slid out of the seat, covered in dust, sweaty after a full day of exploring the temples.  And there waiting for me was a staff member, with a cold, [...]

Temples of Mrauk U – Must-See

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Temples of Mrauk U – Must-See.  While Myanmar is not quite the off-the-beaten-path location it was a decade or two ago, it still holds many intriguing and beguiling places.  So after you take in the amazing Shwedagon Pagoda and the Temples of Bagan, consider visiting Mrauk U.      Mrauk U is the far less-visited version of [...]

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