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St. Peter’s Basilica – A Must-See

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St. Peter's Basilica is a must-see.  Breaking ground in 1506, it was completed in 1626.  St. Peter's Basilica is located in the smallest country in the world, the Vatican.  There are only 800 residents that call the Vatican their home. St. Peter's Basilica’s monument to Catholicism is gargantuan.  It is 730 feet long, and the dome reaches 450 [...]

Hot Air Ballooning In Catalonia

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You drift in silence at 3,000 feet. You glide at 20 mph, yet you feel no motion. Hot air ballooning in Catalonia is a must-do experience. And outside of Barcelona is a perfect place. Verdant, green farmland mixes with mist drenched Montserrat Mountains. The sun glistens down. I was part of a nine person group comprised [...]

The Beauty of Saint Mark’s Basilica

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It started with an international robbery, and resulted in a magnificent landmark. Saint Mark’s Basilica, officially known as Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark is located in the heart of Venice in Piazza San Marco. The original Saint Marks was ordered built by the doge (prince) of Venice in 829. Conspiring Venetian merchants smuggled out the [...]

Top Experiences In Sarajevo

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A church rests near a mosque. Tight jeans mesh with head scarves. Nargila smoke wafts through the alleys. You are in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as BiH. BiH is scrunched next to Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro in the convoluted Balkans. Sarajevo surrounded by the Dinaric Alps numbers near 400,000 residents. The [...]

The Best International Rallies

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This is a continuation of the article on Yahoo Travel on the international rally - A Crazy New Kind of Amazing Race: International Car Rallies. Picture the scene. You have been driving for over 15 hours. The monsoons are thundering down. You and your friend are in an auto-rickshaw, laboring along an ink-dark road in the [...]

Hurtigruten Cruise vs. Celebrity X Cruise – A Quest For Value

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Value and service. For the traveler, this can be an elusive combination. For the vendor, is the goal to pad your margins or to grow customer relations? The answer for many is to pilfer their customers. Value and relationships be damned. When choosing a hotel, like many, I look for “free Wi-Fi”; in fact it is [...]

A Road Trip In Greece

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After you have reveled in the beauty of Athens, the energy of the city, and the delights of the Greek kitchen; contemplate following the road less traveled.  Of course, the islands can easily snatch your attention with azure seas and slow breezes, but consider heading north.  I spent four amazing days exploring the main land.  A [...]

I Threw Away My Car In No Man’s Land – Armenia-Georgia Border Crossing

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I have lost my keys before.  I have donated clothing to the Salvation Army.   I’ve lazily neglected to pick up loose change off the ground that I dropped.  I have thrown away a perfectly good functional VCR.  But this was new ground for me. I discarded my 1993 Jeep Cherokee.  I and my two friends had [...]

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