Sagrada Familia – A Must-See

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Sagrada Familia - a must-see, is a landmark that defines a city. This basilica broke ground in 1882 in Barcelona, and is still under construction over a 100 years later. Some projections have Sagrada Familia finally being completed in 2026. The year holds a special meaning since it is the centennial of Antoni Gaudí's death. Antoni Gaudi [...]

Hot Air Ballooning In Catalonia

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You drift in silence at 3,000 feet. You glide at 20 mph, yet you feel no motion. Hot air ballooning in Catalonia is a must-do experience. And outside of Barcelona is a perfect place. Verdant, green farmland mixes with mist drenched Montserrat Mountains. The sun glistens down. I was part of a nine person group comprised [...]

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