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Transnistria: What To Know When Visiting

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Transnistria: What To Know When Visiting.  Transnistria is an unrecognized, de facto country. What does that mean? There are 193 countries recognized by the United Nations, but Transnistria does not make that list. Despite that fact, Transnistria maintains its own military and government. It has its own currency and you need to clear immigration to enter [...]

Protest And Revolution In Chisinau, Moldova

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Protest and Revolution in Chisinau, Moldova.  I have been witness to protests more than a handful of times. I have traipsed through multiple demonstrations in Bangkok, watching both Yellow and Red shirts protest against the government. I have seen Maoists protestors stream through the streets of Kathmandu. And saw the beginnings of the recent protests in [...]

Sagrada Familia – A Must-See

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Sagrada Familia - a must-see, is a landmark that defines a city. This basilica broke ground in 1882 in Barcelona, and is still under construction over a 100 years later. Some projections have Sagrada Familia finally being completed in 2026. The year holds a special meaning since it is the centennial of Antoni Gaudí's death. Antoni Gaudi [...]

Great Photos From Kiev

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Great photos from Kiev.  Founded in 482 AD, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine straddles the Dnieper River. This cosmopolitan city numbers 3 million souls. The country was previously part of the Soviet Union until its independence in 1991. Ukraine has been the site of several revolutions in the recent past including the Orange and EuroMaidan Revolution. [...]

Excellent Photos of Ljubljana

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Enjoy these excellent photos from Ljubljana. Ljubljana is an exceedingly pleasant city that sits on the banks of the Ljubljanica river.  This 300,000 person capital of Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia.  The city is highly walkable and well-preserved but lacking any must-see landmarks. This is the view of Ljubljana from the castle that overlooks the [...]

Maidan Square – A Must-See

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Maidan Square in the heart of Kiev has been home to four major political movements/protests in less than 25 years. Maidan Square (formally known as Maidan Nezalezhnosti translates to Independence Square) dates back to the 1830s when some simple wooden structures appeared. Development accelerated in the mid-19th century when it became the commercial center of Kiev [...]

The Siege of Sarajevo as a Tourist

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It is a country with three people holding the office of president simultaneously. Their national anthem has no lyrics since there is no consensus on the final wording . There are soldiers from 26 different countries providing additional security in the nation. Some in the west are frustrated with partisan politics and gridlock, but the political situation [...]

Great Photos Of Dubrovnik

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Enjoy the great photos of Dubrovnik.  Dubrovnik is a perfectly preserved, walled city on the Adriatic Sea. This flawless stoned town is so pristine it borders near complete Disneyfication. The inhabitants have shrunk by 10,000 over the last 25 years. Every building seems to be either a guest house, restaurant, or souvenir store. If you look [...]

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