Join us in Bangkok for the Extraordinary Travel Festival in November of 2024.  Please use code – BANGKOK – to save $120.  Reserve your place today.

Want to go to Bhutan?  Join us on our side trip to Bhutan.  Or you can join us on a tour to UNESCO Thailand.

I am happy to introduce a new speaker at the ETF, David Van Driessche.  I consider David a Papua New Guinea product expert.  He has spent a cumulative one year over the last five year in PNG as the founder of Tribes of Papua New Guinea.  David will be sharing his tips for traveling independently in PNG.  He is a professional photographer, and you will be impressed with his skills.

tribes of papua new guinea

tribes of papua new guinea

We also have two special guests joining us on the episode after my conversation with David.  Both of these guests attended the first event in Armenia and they will be joining us in Bangkok.  I wanted to use this opportunity to learn more about them.

John McKenzie is a travel content creator documenting his travels from around the globe.  Check out his Instagram.

Anders Larsson is the current Chairman of Club 100 in Sweden and has a rich travel history and of living around the globe.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bangkok, let us know if we have any questions.


chernobyl exclusion zone

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