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For those in the know when it comes to Thailand, you must know the name Joe Cummings.  Joe has been living in Thailand since the late 1970s and has a resume that will rival the most interesting person in the room.  He wrote the first Lonely Planet Thailand guide in the early 1980s, plays in a rock band around Bangkok, is a film and TV actor, his written over 30 books, speaks Thai fluently, and is an expert in Sak Yant Tattoos.  His wealth of knowledge and years in Thailand gives him an unique perspective on the country and region.  I am very excited to have him as a speaker at the ETF.  You can follow him on Instagram.

Also joining us on the podcast after Joe is Jordan Campbell, one of the attendees who you will meet at the ETF.  She is a content creator at Global Debauchery, you can check her out on FB, and of course an avid traveler.

And after Jordan, I speak with Jane Eagleson who is a veteran traveler, whose travel career spans several decades providing a longer perspective on the changes in travel.  These are some of the great people you will meet at the ETF.

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