This is the Counting Countries Extraordinary Travel Festival Update #2

On this episode I am speaking with Charles Veley, the founder of the Most Traveled People, and Gianluca Pardelli, the founder of Soviet Tours.

Charles will play two roles at the festival.  He will be a speaker, sharing stories of some of his travel adventures.  And Charles will be hosting an optional trip to Georgia and Armenia that takes place before the festival.  You can view the agenda here.

Soviet Tours is one of our sponsors and partners of the festival.  The Extraordinary Travel Festival will be creating a Curated Trips of 2023.  Soviet Tours will be contributing a trip to this list, which we will discuss during our conversation.  This will be an amazing trip to the North Caucasus.


Join us in Yerevan, Armenia from October 14 -16, 2022

At the Armenia Hotel Yerevan

For the:

Extraordinary Travel Festival

This will be a multi-day event with great and inspiring speakers

And at night we will be hosting parties and dinners to have fun and unwind

This is a great opportunity to meet avid & accomplished travelers from all over the world

Our goal is to bring people together from around the world, who are:

Traveling to every country in the world

Passionate to explore extreme and challenging destinations

And love to have fun and network with likeminded people

To learn more about this event, please go to:

Use code EPS to save $50 off your ticket

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