Paraguay – 113th Country.  To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries. Paraguay is my 113th country.

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I took a three hour flight from Santiago and touched down in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. Paraguay with seven million citizens is a landlocked country, surrounded by Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. Paraguay was the loser in the Paraguayan War from 1864-1870, the bloodiest conflict in South America. Paraguay lost approximately 60-70% of its population and 25% of its territory. Paraguay also holds claim to the longest serving leader of South America, Alfredo Stroessner, who led from 1954 to 1989, until he was toppled in a military coup.

I spent three nights in Paraguay, based in the capital of Asuncion. Asuncion is a sleepy, laid back town with a lack of tourists. It is a walkable town, and you are able to visit the sites in a day. I spent another day visiting the nearby Lake Ypacarai.

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Paraguay – 113th Country


Paraguay – 113th Country