Samer has managed to work full time as an architect as he chases 193

Samer shared with me that he’s driven to travel by FOMO and YOLO.  The fear of missing out and you only live once, pushes him to plan constantly so he can maximize travel to the fullest. He is continually researching, creating lists, and making future travel itineraries.

Samer has travel in his blood.  From an early age he made multiple trips to Jordan and Syria to visit family. This opened the door to travel as a kid. And before he was even a teenager, he methodically learned and memorized geography data and trivia. In fact, he had already determined that he would travel to every country in the world.  

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Samer visited China as a 16 year old and went backpacking in Europe before he even started university.  He shares with us how he nearly lost his cool in the Abidjan airport and his frustrations in the Miami airport. He tells us why he loves antarctica and why pakistan is underrated.

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More about Samer Kawar:

  • Born in: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Passports from: USA, Jordan
  • Favorite travel book: Any Lonely Planet Guide
  • Favorite travel film: Seven Years in Tibet
  • Favorite travel app or website: Nomad Mania, Atlas Obscura, Trupadvisor
  • Must carry: My sketchbook, Polaroid Zip photo printer
  • Favorite food:  Khao soi, torta ahogada, coconut curry
  • Favorite drink: the local beer in each country
  • Favorite airline: Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines
  • Favorite hotel: Airways Hotel, PNG
  • Website: WanderLuster
  • Instagram: WanderLuster
  • Twitter: WanderLuster
  • Map: Nomad Mania

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How Many Countries Are There?

Well… that depends on who you ask!

An analysis of these lists and who is the best traveled by Kolja Spori.

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