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What You Will See In The Peruvian Amazon

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Vast.  Remote.  Infinity.  The Peruvian Amazon is an incredibly biologically diverse area.  There are more bird species in the Amazon than anywhere else in the world.  It is the size of California yet only 1.5 million people live there.  While the wildlife is abundant in the Amazon, it does not smack you in the face like [...]

Aqua Expeditions: 5 Stars On The Amazon

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Aqua Expeditions: 5 Stars On The Amazon.  One does not often associate the Amazon River with non-stop luxury, but I experienced 7 nights of unadulterated extravagance on Aqua Expedition’s Aria. The Aria is an ultra-luxury river boat cruise that holds 32 guests. I was fortunate enough to be one. And this is an incredible way to [...]

Photos From Belan, Iquitos

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Photos From Belan, Iquitos.  It is gritty. At 9 am, the locals are gathered in the neighborhood bar swilling moonshine. On the street dozens meander around giant stacks of plantains, searching for the best buy. The sky is a gloomy grey and the humidity hovers over the dense neighborhood.  Mototaxis prowl the dirty, chewed up streets. [...]

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