Island Paradise Nyaung Oo Phee

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Island Paradise Nyaung Oo Phee.  Salt-colored sand.  Translucent azure ocean waters.  Tranquility and serenity.  Every year it becomes more challenging to find your own secret hideaway.  Between Tripadvisor, apps, and social media there are fewer and fewer undiscovered corners of the world.  But I found my slice of perfection. How is this for crystal clear [...]

Magic Of Travel

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The magic of travel.  The simple joy of travel.  I was riding my rental bike, sweating profusely, as I pushed the bike around the Burmese town of Mrauk U.  For three hundred years plus Mrauk U served as the capital of Mrauk U Kingdom ending in the 18th century.  Mrauk U is the lesser known brother [...]

Chin Tattoo Women

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Chin Tattoo Women.  Myanmar is an incredibly diverse hodgepodge, with 135 distinct ethnic groups and 108 language groups.  That is quite a punch for a country of 50 million.  One of these ethnic groups is the Chin people who could be found in the western part of Myanmar (and also in India and Bangladesh).  The Chin [...]

Shwedagon Pagoda – Must-See

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Shwedagon Pagoda – Must-See.  A soft wind lessened the effects of the thick heat while the chimes on top of the stupa gently sang.  The dense throngs had thinned, and a tranquil spirit drifted through the grounds. I was at the tremendously beautiful and moving Shwedagon Pagoda, the holiest site in Myanmar (formally known as Burma).  [...]

Temples of Mrauk U – Must-See

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Temples of Mrauk U – Must-See.  While Myanmar is not quite the off-the-beaten-path location it was a decade or two ago, it still holds many intriguing and beguiling places.  So after you take in the amazing Shwedagon Pagoda and the Temples of Bagan, consider visiting Mrauk U.      Mrauk U is the far less-visited version of [...]

Temples Of Bagan – Must-See

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Temples of Bagan – Must-See.  What place have you traveled to that make you catch your breath?  Is it the Eifel Tower?  The Taj Mahal?  The Serengeti?  The Great Barrier Reef?  At the top of this list needs to be the Temples of Bagan in Myanmar (formally known as Burma).  I have been incredibly fortunate to [...]

Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon

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Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.  I know I am in good company when I am staying at a hotel that hosted the former US Secretary of State.  I spent three great and relaxing nights at the Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.  The Chatrium is nestled in a private area next to Kandawgyi Lake.  The updated room [...]

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