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Cienfuegos Warm Hospitality

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Cienfuegos Warm Hospitality.  The Pearl of the South is a five hour bus drive from the capital of Havana, and located on the southern coast of Cuba. Cienfuegos translates to 100 fires. Cienfuegos was originally inhabited by indigenous people of Cuba, but then settled by French immigrants from Bordeaux and Louisiana. Don Louis de Clouet, their [...]

Havana Highlights

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Havana Highlights.  Havana the brilliant and decrepit capital of Cuba is a diamond in the rough.  A smorgasbord of people and cultures have melded in this Caribbean metropolis.  Over two million people are crammed in this city founded in the 16th century by the Spanish.  Old Havana (La Habana Vieja) is a UNESCO world heritage site.   Havana [...]

Plaza de Armas – A Must-See

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Plaza de Armas - a must-see. Plaza de Armas roots can be traced to the Spanish King, Charles I. Plaza de Armas is the heart of Lima, the capitol of Peru. In 1535, the Spanish conquistador, Francisco Pizarro, founded the New World’s capitol, originally known as Ciudad de los Reyes. When creating the city plan he [...]

Seven Things To Do In Iquitos

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Seven Things To Do In Iquitos.  It is the world’s largest landlocked city in the world. It is a needle in the Peruvian Amazon haystack. There is no road or highway that leads to Iquitos. This port city is located over 2,000 miles upriver on the Amazon River from the Atlantic Ocean. Iquitos is only reachable [...]

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