20 Best Photos of 2015.  Too many great memories for just 20 photos … so I slipped in a couple of extras.  Hope you do not mind.


I have been here every year since 2003.  And one place I always end up is in the heart of Yerevan in Republic Square.  The square was formally known as Lenin Square when it was part of the Soviet Union.  Today, it is beautifully lit up with an incredible nightly fountain and music show.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I did not have a lot of expectations for my visit to the capital of this mouthful of a country.  What I discovered was my three days was way to short to discover this rich city with a complicated and brutal past.  Here is the view of Sarajevo from an amazing look out point.


I ended up in Cambodia twice this year.  Once, for a long weekend to reset my Thai visa.  I spent three days absorbing Phnom Penh’s vibe.  Friendly people and a horrific recent history.  I took a short ferry from the capital and was transported to a nearby village where I met this young, smiley monk.

The other time I went to Cambodia was to spend two weeks filming Hit The Road: Cambodia, the sequel to Hit The Road: India.  I spent two weeks with my friend piloting a tuktuk through amazing Cambodia.  Check out the trailer below.


Dubrovnik is eye candy, a perfectly preserved medieval city. A must-visit to step back in time.

El Salvador

I spent six days barnstorming through this Central American gem.  Hiking volcanos, driving the flower route, discovering San Salvador, and spending the night in the small town of Suchitoto, dining on pupusa and sipping on cool cervazas on the central square in front of this church.


It took me a long time to finally get to visit Italy, and despite very high expectations it met and exceeded them.  Rome was full of history and great food.

And Venice was beyond postcard-perfect.  My camera was on overdrive during my visit.


The least visited county in Europe deserves more attention.  Great wine, historic monasteries, a very walkable capital all wrapped in a Soviet time warp as they were formally part of the Soviet Union.

I also witnessed a lively and at times violent protest.  Several billion dollars disappeared from the country’s banks pushing the country into difficult economic times.  Citizens were angered with the corruption in their country.  I found this photo to be quite powerful as I captured this woman standing near the riot police.


I spent a week in the historic colonial city of Granada.  An easy place to wander and discover.  A view of the town from a church’s bell tower.

And a religious procession passed right by my hotel.


I was not won over by Panama City, but of course I needed to visit the Panama Canal.  An incredible feat by man.


Lima is anchored by the Plaza de Armas of Lima, a historic 16th century square designated by Francisco Pizarro.  A great place to picture watch and enjoy the changing of the guard at the presidential palace.

I also spent an amazing week exploring the Peruvian Amazon.

And I had a short visit to the largest landlocked city in the world, Iquitos.  The Belan area on the river was very gritty.


I only viewed the tip of the iceberg of this great country, most of my time was spent at a Hip Trip Film Festival when my film, Hit The Road: India, was screened. But I managed to board a train for a great day trip to visit this castle.


Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia.  The city feels more Italy/Austria than the Balkans.  It is a great walkable city.


The most famous landmark, la Sagrada Família, of the very lived in city of Barcelona is a must visit.  The church broke ground in 1882 and is estimated to be finished in 2028.  Let’s see what happens!

And I also went hot air ballooning for the first time in Costa Brava.  The view from the balloon.


I spent time volunteering at a kindergarten and helped organize a graduation party for the kids.

I also spent some time visiting amazing beaches of Thailand.

And also spent time discovering Bangkok.

And I also went again to the amazing Sak Yant Festival outside of Bangkok.  Adherents get magical Sak Yant tattoos at the festival.


I met this man in the non-recognized, breakaway country squished between Moldova and Ukraine.  The country has a very Soviet feel to it and is influenced by Russia.  I met this man at a village at a bus stop.  He bought some grapes which he was going to make some wine.  Upon learning I was American, he looked both shocked and amused.  He had never met an American before and was surprised that an American would be in this village.


I revisited Ukraine for my second time in nearly ten years.  I was greeted with magnificent sunsets in historic Maidan Square.  I was fortunate that my hotel overlooked this square.

And I randomly caught a ornate religious ceremony at the Lavra Monastery.

And one of my most unique experiences in 2015 was sleeping overnight at the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl.

Check out my book on Amazon, Photos From Chernobyl.

And this is the gargantuan formally secret cold war Soviet radar, known as Duga, hidden near Chernobyl.

20 Best Photos of 2015.  If you buy something from Amazon I will earn a fee.



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