20 Best Photos Of 2021.  Here we are again.  It is my annual wrap up for my twenty best photos.  And like every other year it is not actually twenty photos, but that is a much snappier title and better for SEO.  While not as challenging as 2020, 2021 was still severely constrained by Covid when it comes to travel.  It wasn’t until August when I started some travels in earnest.  You can read about my year in greater detail in my …


Koh Mak snorkel

This was my third trip back to Koh Mak, small island near the much larger Koh Chang, near the Cambodian border.  This was my first official snorkel trip where only two other people joined this this de facto trip on a stunning day.

Cinnamon Hotel boardwalk

This is the panoramic pier at the Cinnamon Hotel.  Always worth your time to take a stroll down this boardwalk.

Hua Lamphong station

This is the Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok which dates to the early 20th century.  In 2022, this station will no longer be an active train station and will transition to a museum.

United States

Church of Christ Scientist

This is the Mother Church of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Christian Church, a religion that was founded in the late 19th century in New England.  This church is located in Boston.  I grew up outside of the capital, and I was back for my annual summer visit.


One of the best city skylines in the world is Chicago.  I was also back here for my summer visit, where I own a home.

Sebago Lake

And this was my first visit to Sebago Lake in Maine.  I spent a fun weekend at my friend’s summer house on this beautiful lake.


young pioneer camp armenia

I was able to explore some lesser visited places in Armenia.  This is a truly incredible mosaic at an abandoned Young Pioneer Camp in the northern part of Armenia.  The detail and colors of the mosaic was stunning.

orgov armenia

Another abandoned Soviet monument in Armenia.  This is Orgov, a giant satellite dish with adjacent control room.  This is kept under lock and key.


gerewol festival

20 best photos of 2021

gerewol festival

This is the amazing Gerewol Festival in Chad.  This is the Wodaabe people, nomadic, cow herders, who gather once a year for a matchmaking ceremony which is unlike anything I have ever seen before.


sick in france

This was my third visit to France, but unfortunately, I only visited my Airbnb and the hospital where I discovered I had bronchitis.  Hats off to the French medical system.

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

al ula

This is Hegra in Saudi Arabia.  This UNESCO World Heritage site had been on my bucket list for several plus years.  Hegra is the close sibling of Petra in Jordan.  Hegra was amazing and did not disappoint, unfortunately, the staff managing this treasure did, they were incredibly incompetent.

20 best photos of 2021

saudi man

The Saudis were friendly and overall happy and surprised to welcome foreign tourists to their country.  I met these men serendipitously and coffee and lunch transitioned to singing and selfies.  A very fun afternoon.


muslim shrine in iraq

There are many holy sites in Iraq, most stunningly beautiful with a sense of spirituality.  I could have spent hours visiting these sites (and I did) and never get tired.

arab marsh boy

In southern Iraq, are expansive marshes, where thousands of Arabs live.  This boy lived in the marshes with his family and cattle in between a small series of structures made of reeds.

iraqi policeman

There are a lot of guns in Iraq.  And all of the guns I saw filled me with a sense of security.  The people of Iraq have suffered through so much over the years, but security seems to be coming back.  Expect to see dozens of military checkpoints when you are on the road.  And yes, a lot of these guys were really friendly.

South Sudan

mundari tribe

mundari tribe in south sudan

south sudan mundari tribe

I spent two nights camping alongside the Mundari people, who are semi-nomadic cattle herders.  These people lives are fully integrated with those of their cows.

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