20 Best Photos From 2016. Ok, I lied. There are 35 photos that I wanted to share with you from 2016. Just too many great memories.


I have been here almost too many times to count.  By far one of my favorite countries to visit.  Here is Khor Virap Monastery at the foot of Mt. Ararat at sunset.  Perfection.


Bruges.  The postcards don’t lie.  This is a postcard perfect town to wander away and enjoy this well preserved town.

Brussels.  Under rated capital.  There is a lot to see and do here.


Totally under rated country.  I could have spent a month here.

Rila Monastery is pure beauty and I had the whole place to myself by early evening.

The color guard in the Sofia, the capital.

The total surprise of my trip to Bulgaria.  And it was awesome.  Buzludzha Monument.


Havana.  A must visit.  The city is frozen in time and the people are so photogenic.

Trinidad.  This UNESCO World Heritage town is a perfectly preserved colonial town.


It was difficult to choose just 4 photos from this amazing country in East Africa.  Totally under rated.


And no wrap up would be compete without the canals of Amsterdam.

Hong Kong

I will never get tired of this skyline.  Looking at Hong Kong Island from Kowloon.

Man Mo Temple.  I really enjoyed visiting this compact temple on the island.  Filled with incense and lanterns.


I had not been here since 2009 and it was great to revisit some of my favorite places.  Like Borobudur, the largest Buddhist structure for sunrise and sunset on Java.

I met these awesome guys in the village near Borobudur and sipped Sprites with them.

This is a beautiful temple in Bali with two cool dudes working the camera at a Hindu ceremony.


A lot of stereotypes surrounding this country.  The one you should remember is the country is awesome.  Here is the magical Pink Mosque.

And some of the many friendly faces you will encounter in Iran.


Not typically the first country you think of when planning a vacation.  But my experience was fantastic in the Kurdistan region in the north of Iraq.  I love this capture.  Simple.  Friendship and laughter, found in every country.

Meeting the Mayor of Erbil, Iraq.


Only spent the afternoon here, but shows the beauty of the capital, Vaduz.


And here, I spent only one night in this small country when leaving Belgium.


One of my favorite landmarks is in Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Towers.

South Korea

I think this photo sums up the selfie generation in Seoul

I have been here 3 times, twice from the South, and once from North Korea.  To me, an incredibly fascinating place, the DMZ.  This building in the back ground is located in North Korea.


A very well preserved Zurich.


I spent time at the beautiful Yi Peng Festival in the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai.  A must-visit.

This is my second year volunteering at the Mercy Center in Bangkok.  This organization supports over 20 kindergartens and graduates over 800 kids.

And some of the happy kids at one of the schools.

One of the many fascinating festivals in Thailand.  This is the hard to believe Sak Yant Festival outside of Bangkok.  Magic tattoos by monks.

20 Best Photos From 2016

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