20 best photos of 2019.  It is time for my end of the year photo wrap up.  In this annual post, I usually go over the stated 20 photos, this year I am a couple of photos short.


Gyumri, armenia

I rented a car for several days visiting the northern part of Armenia, one of my favorite countries.  I brought my trusty drone and snapped this photo in Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city.  This statue is Mother Armenia just built in the 1970s overlooking the Black Fortress.


bird market, afghanistan

I explored the Bird Market in Kabul, Afghanistan.  It was an excellent place to meet the locals and take some photos.  I traveled with Untamed Borders to Afghanistan.


royal drummers of burundi

This was a fantastic experience in Burundi when I got to watch the Royal Drummers of Burundi A must-see for any traveler.

Burma (Myanmar)

bagan, burma

One of my favorite photos to take countries in.  And my favorite place in Burma is Bagan, a town of over 3,000 temples.  I set up a full day photo shoot in the temples with candles, incense, and these two young monks.

Cape Verde

cape verde

I visited Cape Verde, visiting three different islands.  I flew to Sao Vicente, and then took an hour ferry to nearby Santo Antao, where I spent the day driving around and exploring the island. 

Democratic Republic of Congo

democratic republic of congo

I crossed overland from Rwanda to DRC to cross one of the bucketlist.  I trekked for gorillas and saw this amazing guy.


amritsar golden temple

I finally made it to Amritsar, home of the Golden Temple.  It was well worth the wait to see this spectacular Sikh temple.


japan temple

Back to Japan, but first time to the island of Miyajima, which is a ferry ride from Hiroshima.  This temple was visually amazing with hundreds of Buddhas and lights.  I traveled to Japan with G Adventures.



Mauritania is a country of the Sahara.  And hear I am taking a photo of the UNESCO village of Chinguetti, at sunset.


fez madrassas

A spectacular country with so much to offer.  This is the ancient city of Fez and taking a look at a madrassas in Morocco.


kids in pakistan

Two and half weeks is not enough to visit Pakistan.  I spent time in the old city of Peshawar.  People loved the camera there.


20 best photos of 2019

This is the Alcobaca Monastery, it can be found about halfway between Porto and Lisbon.  Rent a car explore this country.

Principality of Sealand

Principality of sealand

Some people think it is a country, others don’t, all I know is I had an awesome visit to the Principality of Sealand.



Rwanda was home to a horrific genocide.  There is a lot to learn during your visit.


water bufallo thailand

I have been to Thailand countless times, but this was my first time to see these water buffalos race.


leopard in uganda

I found this leopard lounging in a tree, he just woke up from a nap.  Besides gorillas make sure you do a Ugandan safari when you visit Uganda where I traveled with G Adventures.

United Kingdom

london bridge

I hadn’t been to England in almost 30 years, it was great to visit this cosmopolitan city.


registan, uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a must-visit country, and nothing is more fantastic than visiting the Registan, this 17th century madrasa.

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