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Petronas Towers-Must-See

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Petronas Towers-Must-see.  Kuala Lumpur does not match up well with a Cairo or Paris, which ooze monuments and history on nearly every corner.  But Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, does have the Petronas Towers, a must-see landmark.  Petronas Towers from 1998-2004 did claim the mantle as the tallest building at 451 meters in the world, [...]

Savannah Grace – 107 countries …  and left to travel the world as a 14 year old!

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[Download .mp3] Savannah left a comfortable life in Vancouver as a young teenager to backpack the world with her family and at 18 years of age had already traveled to 80 countries.       Savannah, as a 14 year old, and her family were shaken out of their comfort zone in Canada.  With her mother, older brother [...]

Finding the Wildlife of Greenland

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In today’s post, Agness and Cez of eTramping will introduce you to the magnificent world of Greenland and its wildlife. Now, be completely honest - are you drawn irresistibly to travel? Do you find yourself frequently perusing maps, atlases and an endless bookshelf of travel guides? If you ever find yourself absentmindedly spinning a globe, you [...]