Tan Wee Cheng has traveled to 187 countries

Tan Wee Cheng Counting Countries.  Hey now, I am your host, Ric Gazarian. Wee Cheng, a regional neighbor, and I have communicated on and off for several years, but like many of us in the community we were only virtual acquaintances.  That changed when I met Wee Cheng in person at an extreme travel dinner in Singapore last year and then a more recent catchup in Honolulu.  I was surprised to learn about Wee Cheng’s longevity as a traveler and also noted how he is a bit of an iconoclast in Singaporean culture when it comes to extreme travel. 

If you are a listener, you have heard this before … the next Extraordinary Travel Festival will be held on November 15, 2024 in Bangkok.  Discount code BANGKOK of $120 will end on May 1, so please purchase your ticket today to lock in your savings at the Extraordinary Travel Fest.

We love having diverse voices at the event.  Just in case you missed this speaker announcement, Raiiq Ridwan, who holds a Bangladeshi passport, will share the extra challenges he faces as an extreme travelers with one of the world’s weakest passports.  And Elene Chechina will share her stories of working full time, raising 3 children, and having deep connections across 3 continents all the while Chasing 193.  How does she do it?

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Excited to welcome new patron, Sam Williams, who is Chasing 193.  He is balancing a lot – wife, 2 small kids, and a full time job.  So his first goal is 40 by 40, which he is on track for, and then a long marathon to 193!  He has a great 10th year anniversary to Singapore, Tokyo and the Maldives.  His IG is sswilliams41 so follow along – Sam Williams (@sswilliams41) • Instagram photos and videos

We also have some extra content with Gin, in a segment called Meet The Patron.  Last episode we met Bisa Myles and this episode we are talking with Gin.  Gin caught my attention when she shared her Spotify podcast stats.  In 2023, she listened to over 10,000 minutes of Counting Countries.  I have a new BFF and you can learn about her during our conversation after I speak with Wee Cheng.  

And that’s not it! We are rolling out a new feature on Counting Countries.  The idea is to celebrate wins in the 193 community and involve more people.  The inspiration came from my friends at Club 100 from Sweden.  They have been recognizing milestones on their great IG account – Club 100+ Countries (@club100pluscountries) • Instagram photos and videos.  So make sure you follow along. 

I will be asking for travelers to submit audio files to recognize travel accomplishments.  To learn more follow the CC IG and FB accounts and I will be making future call to actions.  Here are a couple of milestones to recognize now.  

I was in Bangkok for this recording while Wee Cheng was in Singapore. Please listen in and enjoy.   

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About Tan Wee Cheng Counting Countries

• Where were you born: Singapore

• What passport (s) do you hold: Singapore

• Favorite travel book: Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey through Yugoslavia – by Rebecca West (1941)

• Favorite travel film: The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

• Favorite travel app or website: Used to be LP Thorn Tree, still miss it. Maybe Nomadmania or FB EPS page – but I don’t like them as much as I love Thorn Tree.

• Must carry item when traveling (like flashlight, Kindle, deck of cards etc.): Mobile phone!

• Favorite food: Noodles! Or any derivative/similar – pasta, ramen. I crave for it if I go to a region without it. So happy to find pasta in Ethiopia/Eritrea, and rechta in Algeria.

• Favorite drink: Coffee.  Not into alcoholic drink since I started getting gout flareups

• Favorite airline: Singapore Airlines…natural for Singaporeans. Love the catering and the Singapore flavours of everything that reminds one of home.

• Favorite hotel: Don’t have any. See hotels as very functional and seldom return to the same hotel even for cities that I revisit.

• Travel map: NomadMania

About Counting Countries

Counting Countries is the only podcast to bring you the stories from the dedicated few who’ve spent their lives on the singular quest of traveling to every country in the world. Less people have traveled to every country in the world than have been to outer space.

Theme music for this podcast is Demeter’s Dance, written, performed, and provided by Mundi

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Ric Gazarian is the host of Counting Countries. He is the author of three books: Hit The Road: India, 7000 KM To Go, and Photos From Chernobyl.  He is the producer of two travel documentaries: Hit The Road: India and Hit The Road: Cambodia.  

Ric is also on his own quest to visit every country in the world. You can see where he has traveled so far and keep up with his journey at GlobalGaz.com

How Many Countries Are There?

Well… that depends on who you ask! 

An analysis of these lists and who is the best traveled by Kolja Spori.  

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