Quarantine On The Friendship Highway, Part V

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Quarantine On The Friendship Highway, Part V. Happy days are here again The skies above are clear again Let us sing a song of cheer again Happy days are here again It was day five, and today we would gain our freedom.  The government officials returned in the morning and called the group to the sparse [...]

Jonny Blair – 113 countries … a Northern Irishman in Poland

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[Download .mp3] Jonny has been on the road for nearly a decade in a half and has covered a lot of ground.  Jonny was inspired to travel by both ice cream and football.  He sold ice cream for four summers in his twenties and his coworkers hailed from 20 different countries, opening his eyes to the [...]

Quarantine On The Friendship Highway, Part IV

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Quarantine On The Friendship Highway, Part IV.   Real fear and paranoia set in.  It was our fourth day and for all intensive purposes we were in an information black out.  The day began like Groundhog Day, the same as the day before.  The Yetis silently crept into our room with thermometers clutched in their white latex [...]

João Paulo Peixoto – 193 countries … and wedding ceremonies in 8 different countries!

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[Download .mp3] João is a quintuple threat. He is a professor, an entrepreneur, a father of seven, a romantic, and a believer in all of the world’s religions.   The professor shares his amazing stories of traveling the world.  As a romantic he has married his wife eight times in different ceremonies around the world, including [...]

Quarantine On The Friendship Highway, Part II

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Quarantine On The Friendship Highway, Part II.  The bed was damp. I was curled in a fetal position under the covers, trying to keep warm. The door creaked and I my eyes eased open. I had just woken up from my first sleep in medical quarantine in Tibet near the border with Nepal. I slid up [...]

Stefan Krasowski – 186 countries… and counting!

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[Download .mp3] Stefan has been able to strike a great balance between life and travel.  Stefan has a full time job and is married, yet still has managed to travel to 186 countries.      Stefan’s passion for the Chinese language in school led him to studying, working, and living in China for eight years.  He also [...]

Savannah Grace – 107 countries …  and left to travel the world as a 14 year old!

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[Download .mp3] Savannah left a comfortable life in Vancouver as a young teenager to backpack the world with her family and at 18 years of age had already traveled to 80 countries.       Savannah, as a 14 year old, and her family were shaken out of their comfort zone in Canada.  With her mother, older brother [...]

Gareth Johnson – 105 countries … and counting!

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[podcast src="" height="90" width="450"] Download Episode! This podcast is no longer available.   Gareth is on a mission to visit every country in the world, and is also a North Korean expert, having traveled to the Hermit Kingdom over 80 times.   Gareth is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours, whose tagline is, “budget tours to [...]

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