Bangkok At Night.  A spectacular place to view the Bangkok sunset is State Tower.

Resting on the 64th floor is the Sky Bar. A circular, lighted bar seems to be suspended in the sky. A golden dome sits above the bar in an expensive open area. While the drinks are expensive, this is arguably the coolest rooftop bar, ever.

Sunsets over Bangkok

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Wat Arun known as the Temple of Dawn rests on the banks of the Chao Phraya River which empties into the Gulf of Thailand. It dates back to the 17th century. There is a café on the opposing side of the river and a perfect place to watch the sun set behind the temple after a long day of walking around historic Bangkok.

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Wat Pho is one of the major Buddhist temples located in the heart of Bangkok. It is named after a temple in India where Buddha is said to have lived. The 18th century Wat Pho has two claims to fame. First, a reclining Buddha is gloriously resting in an enclosed area. It is over 120 feet long and 45 high. Wat Pho is also said to be the oldest public university in Thailand. It is known better today for establishing a medicine and massage school in 1962. During the day the temple is teeming with both Thais and tourists. At night, the temple is deserted. The gates are open, and the temple is graciously lit up. I had the entire grounds to myself.

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Around the corner is the granddaddy of temples in Thailand: Wat Phra Kaew. In English you will know it as Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This wat is considered the most sacred of Buddhist temples in Thailand. During the day, it is a kaleidoscope of brilliant and sparkling colors. It is a magical place to visit. Unfortunately, the grounds close early at 4 pm. The golden stupas glow in light but you need to view them from outside the large white walls. There is also a nearby roof at a hotel where you can glimpse the wat with a better view.

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While walking near Temple of the Emerald Buddha, I passed the eye-catching Loha Prasat known as Wat Ratchanaddaram. This mid-1800 temple has 37 metal spires. Each spire represents the 37 virtues of enlightenment.

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Loha Prasat

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Thip Samai is a legendary restaurant that for decades specialized on one dish: Pad Thai. Tons of Thais and foreigners pack into this compact restaurant. A giant line of customers snake around the sidewalk and the open kitchen anxious to eat dinner.

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After your Pad Thai, you might have a sweet tooth.  Another Thai tradition is Mont which has been around for over 50 years.  Stop by here for a very simple yet tasty dessert.  Toast with a multiple of toppings from chocolate to coconut.

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2014-07-24 21.13.25

2014-07-24 21.12.24

A walk around China Town.

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Another interesting place to visit at night is the Bangkok Flower Market (Pak Klong Talad), the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. It sits near the Wat Pho temple. Open 24 hours, Pak Klong Talad is most lively after midnight. This is the time to visit. The chaos of the market place increases as dawn approaches. Flower vendors receive flowers from all over the country as they prepare for their morning business.
















And finally a couple of shots of Bangkok at night



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And during the day, check out the amazing Grand Palace.


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