Being Thankful In Klong Toey, Bangkok

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Being Thankful In Klong Toey, Bangkok.  White streaks of the sun pierced the open door of the simple cement structure and illuminated the simple interior.  A crumpled elderly woman sat on the white tiled floor near the edge of the door surrounded by empty plastic bottles.  The cramped house was a singular room in addition to [...]

Sak Yant Tattoo Festival – Day One

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Sak Yant Tattoo Festival - Day One.  It is a smagorsbord.  One part carnival, one part tattoo marathon, one part madhouse, and a final part of a supercharged religious awakening.  The Sak Yant Wai Kru Festival takes place every March at the Wat Bang Pra temple outside of Bangkok. Each year 10,000 people descend [...]

Top Eats In Bangkok

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Top Eats In Bangkok.  Bangkok evokes countless images and emotions. Whether you are a visitor or a native of Bangkok, you will be captivated with the food scene in this city. Food ranges the entire spectrum, from the freshest and spiciest street food to five star restaurants perched on towering roof decks. I reached out to [...]

Bangkok At Night

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Bangkok At Night.  A spectacular place to view the Bangkok sunset is State Tower. Resting on the 64th floor is the Sky Bar. A circular, lighted bar seems to be suspended in the sky. A golden dome sits above the bar in an expensive open area. While the drinks are expensive, this is arguably the coolest [...]

Hotel – Be A Rock Star In Bangkok

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There are too many hotel options in Bangkok.  Too many choices.  But if you want to splurge, consider staying at Lebua at State Hotel.  Have a drink on the 63rd roof deck bar and restaurant.  Why not?  That is where the characters of Hangover II were hanging out.  Otherwise you can take a dip at the [...]

The Walking Dead, Sak Yant Festival, Thailand

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My pink taxi glided through the trafficless city of Bangkok. It was 530 am, the nexus of the netherworld and the day dwellers. The bargirls huddled with their customers on the street slurping noodles and gulping their last beer before turning in after a long night. Intermixed were the street cleaners and the food hawkers [...]

Big Tiger, A Visit To A Thai Prison

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Big Tiger.  Admit it. You slow down when you see a car accident. Crane your neck.   Your morbid curiosity. I just spent the day at a prison. Bang Kwang. AKA Big Tiger. The prison eats men alive. The notorious and brutal prison in Bangkok. I have taken the tour at Alcatraz. I was enthralled with the [...]

Where To Stay In Bangkok?

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I have spent multiple months in Bangkok, but there is never a shortage of options to stay. Agoda is listing over 1300 hotels in Bangkok alone. Options range from various hostels on Kao Sarn Road the backpacker nexus or grab a $400 room at the Mandarin Hotel. Anyone who has spent time in Bangkok realizes it [...]

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