Sagrada Familia – a must-see, is a landmark that defines a city. This basilica broke ground in 1882 in Barcelona, and is still under construction over a 100 years later. Some projections have Sagrada Familia finally being completed in 2026. The year holds a special meaning since it is the centennial of Antoni Gaudí’s death.

Sagrada Familia barcelona

Antoni Gaudi is a famed Catalan architect with a unique style who designed this masterpiece. He also oversaw construction until his death in 1926. His style combines both Gothic and Art Nouveau influences.

In most cases, when I see scaffolding or cranes surrounding a landmark I fall into a slight depression. And often, refuse to take my camera out of its case. On a recent visit to the Parthenon in Athens, I found the ancient structure covered with a web of scaffolding. It detracted from its beauty. Sagrada Familia avoids this fate, by somehow combining the soaring steeples with the towering cranes.

Arguably more aesthetically pleasing than its exterior is the majestic interior. The arched ceilings reach toward the heavens. Magnificent stained glass allows the psychedelic colors to dance on the floor. This UNESCO heritage site is a must-see.

Sagrada Familia UNESCO

Sagrada Familia unesco

Sagrada Familia unesco gaudi

Sagrada Familia gaudi

Sagrada Familia UNESCO

If you admire this church, visit the must-see Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, Ivory Coast.

Sagrada Familia – A Must-See

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