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Transnistria: What To Know When Visiting

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Transnistria: What To Know When Visiting.  Transnistria is an unrecognized, de facto country. What does that mean? There are 193 countries recognized by the United Nations, but Transnistria does not make that list. Despite that fact, Transnistria maintains its own military and government. It has its own currency and you need to clear immigration to enter [...]

What You Will See In The Peruvian Amazon

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Vast.  Remote.  Infinity.  The Peruvian Amazon is an incredibly biologically diverse area.  There are more bird species in the Amazon than anywhere else in the world.  It is the size of California yet only 1.5 million people live there.  While the wildlife is abundant in the Amazon, it does not smack you in the face like [...]

Seven Things To Do In Iquitos

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Seven Things To Do In Iquitos.  It is the world’s largest landlocked city in the world. It is a needle in the Peruvian Amazon haystack. There is no road or highway that leads to Iquitos. This port city is located over 2,000 miles upriver on the Amazon River from the Atlantic Ocean. Iquitos is only reachable [...]

Photos From Belan, Iquitos

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Photos From Belan, Iquitos.  It is gritty. At 9 am, the locals are gathered in the neighborhood bar swilling moonshine. On the street dozens meander around giant stacks of plantains, searching for the best buy. The sky is a gloomy grey and the humidity hovers over the dense neighborhood.  Mototaxis prowl the dirty, chewed up streets. [...]

Three Days In El Salvador

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Three days in El Salvador.  El Salvador does not have a positive reputation for tourism. If you asked me my impressions of this Central American country, I might mention right wing death squads or rival drug gangs. But negative stereotypes often surprise you on the upside. El Salvador charmed me with its captivating nature and inviting [...]

The Siege of Sarajevo as a Tourist

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It is a country with three people holding the office of president simultaneously. Their national anthem has no lyrics since there is no consensus on the final wording . There are soldiers from 26 different countries providing additional security in the nation. Some in the west are frustrated with partisan politics and gridlock, but the political situation [...]

Top Experiences In Sarajevo

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A church rests near a mosque. Tight jeans mesh with head scarves. Nargila smoke wafts through the alleys. You are in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also known as BiH. BiH is scrunched next to Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro in the convoluted Balkans. Sarajevo surrounded by the Dinaric Alps numbers near 400,000 residents. The [...]

Surin Islands, Heaven On Earth

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The water sparkles. Sunlight kisses the gentle, undulating waves. White sands connect the azure ocean to the green of the canopy. I am standing in paradise. There are so many overrun, overpopulated, polluted beaches in Thailand, but Surin Islands is not one of them. All hyperbole aside, it is a slice of unadulterated heaven. Surin Islands [...]