Gary Arndt – 119 countries … and over 300 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

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[Download .mp3] Gary sold his house and all of his belongings in 2007 and began his life of travel.   Gary over his 10 years of travel has established himself as an elite travel blogger with an expertise in photography.  Gary shares with us many tales from the road.  Gary, single handedly, changed the visa rules [...]

Anthony William – 38 countries … accomplished in a wheelchair!

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[Download .mp3] Anthony is on a quest to visit all 193 countries in the world.  And he plans to accomplish this goal as the first person in a wheelchair.    Anthony is an incredibly impressive individual who has not let physical disabilities dictate his life.  Despite being in a wheelchair he has managed to travel to [...]

Visiting Kompong Luong Floating Village

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Visiting Kompong Luong Floating Village in Cambodia.  After you have seen the temples at Angkor Wat, tanned yourselves on the beaches of Sihanoukville, and walked somberly through the Killing Fields of Phnom Penh, it is time to explore some of the other corners of Cambodia.  I have seen floating villages ranging from the capital of Brunei, [...]

The Killing Fields

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The Killing Fields is rated the number one “Thing To Do” in Phnom Penh by TripAdvisor. When you encounter these two signs at the Choeung Ek Genodical Center, you will soberly realize you will be witnessing a horrific event: the Cambodian Genocide. Not a traditional tourist site. For a riveting account, author Loung Ung recounts her [...]

193 Incredible Travel Books – Counting Countries

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193 Incredible Travel Books Counting Countries.  The UN states that there are 193 countries in the world.  I am on a quest to travel to every country in the world.  You can see where I have been so far.  An important part of travel for me is reading.  I try to read one book (sometimes [...]

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