Riza Rasco … Embedding While Traveling

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 Riza Rasco has traveled to 192 countries. Riza Rasco Counting Countries Riza Rasco is a well-known person in the extreme travel community.  And I have crossed paths with her twice, once for breakfast in the North End of Boston and for the multi-day Extraordinary Travel Festival in Armenia. She is a prolific and immersive traveler [...]

20 Best Photos Of 2022

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20 Best Photos Of 2022.  I am back again with my annual wrap-up of my best travels from the year.  It was another incredible year of travel, especially the first half of the year.   The second half of the year was spent mostly planning the Extraordinary Travel Festival.  As always, there are not really 20 photos [...]

The Kidnapping Of Dr Song (Nopparat Rattanawaraha)

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Dr Song Nopparat Rattanawaraha Counting Countries Breaking News I speak with a 193 Insider who was working intimately to free Dr. Song from his kidnappers.  Dr. Song is Chasing 193 and I was kidnapped by bandits as crossed by land from Burkina Faso to Mali.  Dr. Song was held in captivity for 3 weeks until a [...]

Paul Barbato … Embrace The Trainwreck

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Paul Barbato has traveled to over 70 countries Paul AKA Barbs and I met through Gus Rosted.  Gus is one of the attendees at the Extraordinary Travel Festival.  Gus recommended Barbs as speaker at the festival. I knew Barbs and his YouTube channel, Geography Now! and thought he would be a great addition in Armenia.  Barbs [...]

Visiting The Mikoyan Brothers Museum

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Visiting Mikoyan Brothers Museum. MiG. That just sounds cool. The Soviet MiG jet fighter. As a kid, I imagined F-14s and MiGs dancing in the air in combat as I played war. That name MiG is not just a random jumble of letters but is named after the two designers of the MiG, Artom Mikoyan and [...]

Hotel Casa Khaldi Is The Worst Hotel, Ever

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Hotel Casa Khaldi Worst Hotel Chefchaouen.  The trip did not get off to a good start.  CTM, a well-known bus line in Morocco was sold out.  I turned to TripAdvisor and found Morocco Trek Safaris who offered a transfer, door-to-door transfer in four hours, from Fez to Chefchaouen for triple the price.  Unfortunately, a higher [...]

Victoria Falls – Must-See

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Victoria Falls Must See.  Victoria Falls is one of those places that engenders such lofty expectations, yet is able to exceed them once you are finally able to witness its gargantuan magnificence.  Victoria Falls sits at the corner of where Zimbabwe and Zambia meet.  David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer, was the first “to discover” the falls [...]

Babis Bizas – 193 countries … and travels 300 days a year for several decades

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Babis completed his quest for 193 in 2004, but has not slowed down at all.   [Download .mp3] In the late 1970s, Babis backpacked the Hippy Trail which included Pakistan and Afghanistan.  He eventually found his way to Sri Lanka and joined the crew of a Greek ship and travelled even further.   Babis is one [...]

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