Dustin Pfundheller – 193 countries …  at the age of 30 with the help of Tinder!

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[Download .mp3] Dustin balanced his career as a dentist while completing all 193 UN countries and then some. Dustin grew up in small town America yet ended up living in Singapore working as a dentist.  Despite a childhood of limited travel, he spread his travel wings after settling in Singapore and began to discover the region. [...]

Communist Era Monuments Of Bulgaria

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Communist era monuments of Bulgaria.  An amalgam of Soviet brutalist architecture and dreary grey cement resulted in numerous communist monuments throughout the country of Bulgaria.  Bulgaria resides on the edge of Europe.  While a member of the EU its bonds and history tilts toward its protector of Russia and its communist progenitor, the Soviet Union. Bulgaria [...]

Eritrea – 101st Country

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To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries.  Eritrea is my 101st country.  Check out the best 193 travel books to read!  Eritrea is considered one of the more difficult countries in the world to visit. [...]

Flat Ronnie

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Flat Ronnie.  We all love Flat Ronnie.  Many of you don't know this, but he loves to travel internationally. Iraq Flat Ronnie was recently spotted in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.  Looking good with the locals! Dubai Here, Flat Ronnie is making a lot of new friends with the locals in Dubai at the local markets.  He is [...]

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