David Langan – 176 countries … and counting!

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[Download .mp3] David is traveling to every country and sending home a postcard! David has a passion for stamps and postcards.  The first has helped him finance some of his travels while he has sent a postcard home from every country and territory he has traveled to.  He started traveling as an intrepid teenager on a [...]

War Tourism In Eritrea

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War Tourism In Eritrea.  Eritrea has been gripped by war, violence, and occupation for decades. The Italians in the 19th century brought colonization, cappuccino, and apartheid laws. After WWII, the Brits temporarily occupied Eritrea stripping the country of its valuables. After the Brits departed, Eritrea was placed in a federation under Ethiopia. Ethiopia chipped away at Eritrea’s [...]

Tank Cemetery of Asmara

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Tank Cemetery of Asmara.  In the near outskirts of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, lays an odd site.  Hundreds and hundreds of vehicles are stacked upon each other.  Many of them are military vehicles and tanks.  Many of these war machines are spoils of war with Eritrea’s current day neighbor, Ethiopia. Eritrea became part of [...]

Visiting Massawa, Eritrea

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Visiting Massawa, Eritrea.  Massawa rests on the coast of the Red Sea.  It has been traded more times than the worst gift at a Yankee Swap.  The Axumite Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, Italy, Britain, Ethiopia and others have all taken their turn ruling this port city. Massawa is only 113 km from the Asmara, the [...]

Faces Of Eritrea

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Faces Of Eritrea.  Have you heard of Eritrea?  Many people have not.  And fewer even visit.  The people are friendly and many happy to pose for the camera.  Here are some portraits of the people I met. Faces of Eritrea.  Want to learn more about Eritrea, read this! Learn more about visiting Massawa and taking a ride [...]

Introduction To Travel In Eritrea

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Introduction To Travel In Eritrea I shuffled up to the counter.  I was hungry. “Can I please have spaghetti with tomato sauce?” I inquired.  I had been given a hamburger for dinner, but I had no intention of eating it.  It was swamped in mayonnaise. A big no-no for me.  And to be honest the meat [...]

Eritrean Train

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Eritrean Train.  Dots of coal soot polka-dotted my shirt.  Droplets of water gently graced my face and arms like a rainbow butterfly-kissing a unicorn.  The whistle shrieked and I temporarily covered my ears.  My body pressed against the railing on the platform, and I marveled in the presence of the steam engine of the Eritrean railway. [...]

Eritrea – 101st Country

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To see where I have been so far, check out my map as I count down the final 93 countries on the road to all 193 UN countries.  Eritrea is my 101st country.  Check out the best 193 travel books to read!  Eritrea is considered one of the more difficult countries in the world to visit. [...]

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