Charles has traveled to every country in the world and is the founder of MTP


I had known of Charles for many years, both his accomplishments and the Most Traveled People.  I had the opportunity to meet Charles in person at the Extreme Travel International Congress at the Principality of Sealand.  He was one of the 25 travelers at the congress and I was able to sit next to him at one meal and listen in on his travel stories.

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Before I speak with Charles, I want to introduce Counting Countries’s new partner, Untamed Borders.  Untamed Borders is well known in our community for their expertise in countries like Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, and others.  And during our episode today, I will have a brief conversation with James Wilcox.

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There are travelers and then there are travelers.  Charles has made an incredible commitment to travel;  in time, treasure, and in personal sacrifice.  I think this commitment is neatly explained with his expedition to Bouvet Island.  Listen to our conversation and ask yourself would you follow in his footsteps?  Charles will explain where Bouvet Island is and his journey to travel there.

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But for now, here’s my conversation with Charles who was in northern California while I was in Chicago.  Please listen in and enjoy.

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