Faces Of Bhutan, Part II. I have traveled to Bhutan three times, approximately spending a month in the country.  I have also worked with a local travel operator as a consultant for three years.  If you need advice or help, planning a trip to Bhutan, please email me at Ric @ GlobalGaz.com  

I highlighted some of the great people I met during my trip in 2017 in Bhutan.  I was back to visit the Kingdom of Bhutan in 2018 and was fortunate enough to visit the eastern part of the country. 

Faces Of Bhutan, Part II

My first visit in Bhutan was in 2005, to the three main towns in the west.  At times, I felt like I was the only visitor in the country.  During my second visit in 2017, I revisited the same three towns; Thimpu, Paro, and Punakha.  These three incredible places are full of history and culture.  But I noted in 2017, that tourists had discovered Bhutan.  While compared to any mass tourist destination, the tourists in the west of Bhutan, were still just a drop in the bucket.  But when exploring the east in 2018, I felt I was back in time to my first visit.  While spending time in the east, the only time I spied a tourist was in the evening for dinner at the hotel.  During the day, I did not see any other visitors.

Faces Of Bhutan, Part II

What you need to know when visiting Bhutan.

The people of the west of Bhutan, are a bit more accustomed to seeing western tourists, but it is still a novelty in the west.  Some of the locals approached me to welcome me with a warm handshake and smile.  While driving through a small village, a group of school girls in their traditional dress, stopped and gave us a slight bow as we passed by.  That was a bit surprising and quite touching.  While visiting a school at a monastery, the young monks who were supposed to be deep in study, had difficulty concentrating and trained their eyes on me. 

Faces Of Bhutan, Part II

Throughout Bhutan, the people are quite warm and friendly, I did note that extra hospitality in the east.  And there was something special having the country to myself during the day.             

The most beautiful Dzong in Bhutan?

Faces Of Bhutan, Part IIFaces Of Bhutan, Part II

Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II

Faces Of Bhutan, Part II Faces Of Bhutan, Part II

Faces Of Bhutan, Part II

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